The Ultimate Wholesale Pricing Plugin

Create wholesale pricing in a few simple clicks. You can create a unique browsing experience for your retail and wholesale customers, you can even set different wholesale membership pricing and so much more!

Wholesale Pricing without the hassle.

All the tools you need in one place for one simple price to automate your wholesale business from signup to checkout. Expand into the biggest online market online with a few clicks starting from your existing WooCommerce products.

B2B & B2C Hybrid Support

Plugin status can be “B2B Shop” or “B2B & B2C” with a hybrid whilst creating a seamless user experience for both groups. B2B features are hidden for B2C users.

Minimum Order

Set minimum, maximum, quantity breaks and quantity increments by product, wholesale level and much more.

Login to View Price

Hide pricing to logged out users and prompt them to log in to view price.

Set dynamic pricing for wholesale customers

We have made it super easy for you to create separate pricing for your wholesale customers on your existing products. All this without creating and managing two separate products makes it easy and convenient to control stock levels. 

✔ Same product, different pricing
You no longer need to duplicate products to offer different pricing, set various pricing for B2B and B2C

✔ Dynamic Discounts
Decreases the price with quantity – all units get highest “unlocked” discount

✔ Tiered Pricing
Decreases the price with quantity – subsequent units get increasing discount

✔ Set minimum Orders
Set minimum or maximum order quantity and more. 


✔ Buy X Get Y

Applies a discount to Y quantity when X quantity is purchased at a full price

✔ Spend $1000 & Recieve X% Off 
Set percentage discount or a fixed price discount if a set group of users spend X amount. 

Fast One-page Wholesale Order form

Create a more streamlined ordering process for wholesalers to quickly find and order the products they want. Or if you want you can allow them to browse your existing store but instead of seeing retail prices, they will now see the wholesale prices you set for their account type.

Automate Wholesale Customers Recruiting

Create Woocommerce wholesale registration and login pages which can be automated with customer approval or rejection email. Choose whether to auto-accept wholesale customers or manually approve each account. With our registration builder you can ask whatever information you want, for example, VAT number, How did they hear above you, file upload, and much mor

Payment Methods Control

Enable and disable payment method depending on who is going through your checkout. Say you want to enable Paypal for your retail customers but disable for your wholesale customers, with this module you can do that.

User Account

Let your users select what user role they fall into, whether that is, for example, a distributor, wholesaler etc..

Business Approval Management

Control which users are accepted/reject or if you want, set up auto-approval. Manage the automation accepted or rejected message.

WooCommerce Custom Fields

Create product custom registration fields to collect extra information from your users.​

Guest Access Control

Control the user experience to guest visitors you can hide prices, hide your entire website, show quote request instead of price.

Customer Groups

Segment and organize users in customer groups to create a unique experience for each user group.

Shipping Methods Control

Catering to B2B and B2C, no worries you can set up dynamic shipping rules to cater to each user groups.

Business Registration

Create custom fields in registration, billing and checkout specifically for your business customers.

Free Shipping

Free shipping for specific products, users, or groups. Minimum thresholds.

Theme Compatibility

Compatible with most WooCommerce themes.

Email Notifications

Email notification to an admin about a new customer that requires manual review and approval or new quote request.

Order Form

Give wholesale customers a fast and streamlined way to find, bulk buy the products they want with personalized pricing.

Enable/disable Components

Enable only the components you need. Easily disable: bulk order form, request quotes, dynamic payments, shipping and much more.

Request a Quote

Allow your customers to request a quote or even call for a quote and much more.

Inventory Management

Manage your B2B and D2C orders in one central place, no need to duplicate products for your wholesale customers they sync up automagically!

Set Store to Private

If hiding your prices isn't enough you can set your entire store to private mode and decide where to redirect users.

Automate wholesale from signup to checkout

We’re excited to have you experience our wholesale suite. Join your fellow store owners experiences increase revenue and get access to all our plugins, templates, training and much more

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