WooCommerce Lead Time

Manage your user expectation by displaying the product lead time. This is perfect if you sell custom made products or non stock products.

WooCommerce Time based Products

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You get full control over the lead time wording, so you can display clear information.

Display control

Choose where and when you want to display the lead time message whether on a product page, category page, cart page or even shop page.

Stock status

Automate the lead time messaging based on the stock status so ever that's in stock out of stock or it's a backorder product.

Easy to use

We've created this with ease of use in mind to get you set up in the quickest time possible.

Works With Your Theme

We've coded this so that it will inherit your themes default styling.

Works With Your Theme

This is been coded for with full compatibility of our product table plugin.

Download WooCommerce Lead Time

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