9+ Membership Website Examples (to Inspire You)

Membership websites have become popular for businesses and individuals to offer exclusive content, services, and products to their audiences. 

These websites benefit their members from online courses and digital downloads to exclusive communities and VIP access. Whether you want to start a membership site or seek inspiration, these examples will give you valuable insights.

This article explores several examples of membership websites across various industries, showcasing how they leverage memberships and subscriptions to engage their audience and drive revenue. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

8 Ways to Monetize Your Membership Website

  • Content Updates This is where you give your members regular updates to the content you provide, whether that’s time stock tips or course updates.
  • Content Library—This is similar to content updates; however, there is less responsibility to update the content. Members can get access to your evergreen backlog. 
  • Group Coaching — Offer group coaching sessions to members, personalized guidance, and support.
  • Professional Service—Members can access professional services, such as consulting or coaching, at a discounted rate.
  • Product Bundle—This is a bundle of products or services offered to members at a discounted price, giving more value.
  • Community—This is where you give your members access to a community where they can share ideas and build their network.
  • Path-to-Result — In this approach, you give your members a path or program to guide them in achieving specific results or goals.
  • Hybrid — Combine different monetization methods to create a unique membership offering that meets the needs of your audience.

9+ Membership Subscription Website Examples

The following are a few membership examples you can explore to get inspiration. I’ll group them by their monetization model. 

1. Community Membership Site

The first website on our list is FWFG (Find What Feels Good), which is more of a community-leading type and uses a two-tiered membership model that offers monthly and annual memberships. 

What we Like

You will get access to their community and a diverse range of yoga and meditation content if you purchase the membership. They are showing the value on the landing page. Their pricing page is also quite simple and only shows the two membership subscription models (monthly and annual).

Final Thoughts

Overall, their membership approach combines content, community, and convenience to create a compelling value proposition for members.

1.1. Non-profit community Site

WoodTurners is another example of a community-leading type membership site, but it’s also a non-profit community site. 

They are not showing many reviews on the landing page, which is slightly different from the previous one as it shows a sneak peek of members-only content.

What We Like

Besides giving access to a community and directories, they offer exclusive content and a shop to members only. Offering more benefits to members will encourage them to purchase. 

They offer different memberships for students, families, and businesses so everyone can participate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a great example of a membership site that can inspire ideas for monetizing community-building skills.

2. Content Library Membership 

Andy Guitar is an example of a content library monetization model in which you do not need to update the content regularly. It also has a straightforward landing page that shows what you’ll be learning in the courses and a few testimonials.

What We Like

He monetizes his guitar skills by selling access to his pre-recorded courses, songs, discord community, and exclusive products. 

The site uses a two-tiered membership model, offering monthly and annual memberships. Annual membership is discounted for longer commitments. 

On the pricing page, they compare the free account and membership benefits and show the course pathways, testimonials, and other benefits of memberships. 

Final Thoughts

It is an excellent example of how to monetize your skills and teach users online. 

3. Product Bundling Membership Site

Sales Force Cast’s primary monetization model is product bundling, which means bundling several products to create a membership. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to get into Salesforce and upgrade their skills.

What We Like

He has created different courses and bundled them into a single membership. He offers three different membership pricing plans (monthly, yearly, and lifetime). On the pricing page, he also shows all the benefits each plan offers. 

You can purchase the membership to access all the content and courses or buy a single course separately. It is a kind of two-way monetization. 

Final Thoughts

It is a good example of bundling several products into a membership to give your customers more value. This will entice people to purchase the membership to access all the content instead of paying separately for each course they want. 

4. Content Update Membership

Indie Hackers is a content update membership subscription website. It charges customers to give the content updates.  

What We Like

Its premium membership, Indie Hackers Plus, provides exclusive content like case studies and Q&A sessions with founders. 

They utilize the community, interview someone starting or running a successful business, and put the content on the site. They have added a paywall to access different content on their website. 

Members also get early access to features and a private forum for networking. 

Final Thoughts

It is an excellent example of how the content update membership model works. The members offer value in terms of insights and connections and support the startup journey.

4.1. Starter Story

Starter Joy’s monetization method is similar to the previous one. They have added a paywall to give access to the content update. 

What We Like

They offer a free membership with access to interviews and articles about successful startups, enticing customers to purchase the Pro membership for more in-depth interviews, business breakdowns, resources, and personalized support. 

Pro is priced monthly or annually. With the annual plan, you also get a discount. 

Final Thoughts

It is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking for insights and tools to start and grow their businesses.

Pro Tip: Offer something for free to encourage customers to purchase the membership. 

5. Path to Results Membership Site

Digital Marketer’s monetization model is based on the ‘path to results’ approach. They are more focused on selling the results. 

What We Like

They sell the results, which usually entice people to purchase the membership or course. 

For example, if you want to learn how to run Facebook or YouTube ads or copywriting, there are courses to help you achieve the results. But to access the course, you need to become a member. 

They offer three different memberships, each offering different privileges like access to the community, multi-user access, and more. It is a valuable resource for marketers looking to enhance their digital marketing skills and strategies.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is an excellent example of the path to results membership model, which provides deep insights and showcases how you can utilize the same approach to monetize your store. 

6. Hybrid Membership Site

Creator Science Lab is an excellent example of a hybrid model and high-ticket membership site. 

What We Like

On the landing page, they show social proof, courses, and tons of testimonials,, which is important when selling high-ticket memberships. 

They offer yearly memberships with three different plans, each offering different privileges. Depending on the plan you purchased, you can access the community, courses, exclusive content, one-to-one coaching, and much more. 

Final Thoughts

It provides deep insights into a hybrid membership model and illuminates the high-ticket product-selling landing page.

7. Group Coaching Membership Sites

Consulting is a group coaching model, depending on the membership plan you purchase. It is like a business school where you can learn business skills like product development and fundamentals. 

What We Like

Their landing page has a lot of information tailored towards their target market and the snippets of what you’ll be learning. 

They offer two different memberships, and depending on which one you choose, you will get access to weekly group coaching, courses, community, and other resources. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a good example of a group coaching membership site that is slightly different from the above and inspires you on utilizing this model.

7.1. The Coaching Masters

The Coaching Master is quite similar to the previous one and uses the group coaching membership approach. 

What We Like

It teaches you how to start a coaching business and build a team. They offer a monthly and an annual subscription. 

The annual membership is discounted. They have an excellent landing page with several testimonials, a sneak peek of their teaching process, and other benefits.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a good example of group coaching membership showcasing how they have utilized their knowledge and skills to build a team.

8. E-commerce Membership Sites

It isn’t specifically an eCommerce membership site. It is more of a subscription box site that sells wine bottles. You can select whether to make a one-time purchase or subscribe to the box. 

In an eCommerce membership site, you can create an eCommerce store where you can make a few products exclusive to members only. It will encourage customers to purchase the membership to access the products. 

What We Like

This site sells a wine box and allows customers to subscribe to it. Customers can purchase one-time or subscribe to it at a discounted price. 

Final Thoughts

It gives insights into the perks you can offer your members. For example, you can create a members-only store or use a similar approach to allow customers to purchase subscription boxes. This is a two-way income stream. 

You can generate revenue both from members and non-members. 

How to Create Similar Membership Models?

If you want to create any of the membership models explained above, you can use the AovUp Memberships plugin. It allows you to restrict different types of content based on different membership plans. 

You can create an unlimited number of membership plans. You can easily manage your members and get access to several more features. 


That’s it for today’s article. 

I hope you found the above examples helpful and got some ideas for selling your content or services through a membership subscription. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any model you want. 
Ready to offer your content or services in a membership?

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