Facebook Statistics (2023)

Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms with the most active users. 

Today, I’ll share the top facebook statistics in this article. So, read ahead and find the top five Facebook statistics. 

Here are the top 5 Facebook Statistics:

  1. Facebook has around 2.912 billion monthly active users.
  2. 81.8% of users use Facebook only via a mobile phone
  3. 66% of Facebook users log in daily to access their accounts.
  4. Facebook has a potential advertising reach of 2.11 billion people.
  5. 500 million users use Stories daily on Facebook. 

These are the top five stats about Facebook. Read ahead to get a detailed explanation of each Facebook statistic. 

Top Five Facebook Statistics

Here are the top five Facebook stats:

1. Facebook Has 2.94 Billion Monthly Active Users.

(Source: Investor.fb.com)

Facebook is currently the number one social media platform with the highest number of active users. This number increased by 3% year-over-year. 

Looking at some other data given in the report, it had around 1.96 billion daily active users in March 2022, which increased by 4% in the last year. The same report shows roughly 2 million users increased in the last three months. Researchers reported a rise of 0.1% in the number of users. 

2. 81.8% of Users Use Facebook via a Mobile Phone.

(Source: Statista.com)

The same report also states that 16.7% of users accessed Facebook from both computers and phones. In contrast, 1.5% accessed their Facebook account with a laptop or desktop. According to the same report by Statista.com, India has the most number of Facebook users, with over 340 million users. Then, we have the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil on the list with the most Facebook users 

3. 66% of Facebook Users Log in Daily To Access Their Accounts.

(Source: Datareportal.com)

Half of Facebook users access their accounts and interact with them daily. This statistic shows that Facebook still has some dominance in the social media market.

4. Facebook Has a Potential Advertising Reach of 2.11 Billion People.

(Source: Hoosuite.com)

With Facebook Advertising, you can easily reach 72.5% of their total 2.91 billion monthly active users. It is the number one platform with the highest reach.

5. 500 Million Users Use Stories Daily on Facebook.

(Source: Techcrunch.com)

This feature was released in 2017 and has half a billion users. After Facebook, we have the inventor of the Stories feature, Snapchat, with over 190 million users.








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