Invoice Payment for WooCommerce

AovUp Invoice Payment for WooCommerce

The perfect solution for store owners who need a flexible invoicing system.

Order Management

Customizable Invoice Number Field

Email Notifications

Compatible with Popular Accounting Software

Flexible Integration

Much More

Easy Invoice Payment Option

  • Allow your customers to choose the “Invoice Payment” option at checkout.
  • Streamlined for customers who prefer to pay after receiving an invoice.

Order Management

  • Orders are automatically marked as “Processing” when the invoice payment option is selected.
  • Easily track pending payments and manage your orders efficiently.

Customizable Invoice Number Field

  • Add and save invoice numbers directly from the WooCommerce order admin page.
  • Invoice numbers are included in order emails to keep customers informed.

Build your one-of-a-kind checkout with advanced customizations

Email Notifications

Automatically send email notifications to customers when their invoice number is added. Ensure customers receive all necessary payment information promptly.

Compatible with Popular Accounting Software

Use with your favorite accounting tools like Xero, QuickBooks, and others. Easily integrate your invoicing workflow with external systems.

Streamlined Invoicing

Simplify the invoicing process for both you and your customers. Keep your order management system organized and efficient.

Flexible Integration

Easily adapt the plugin to fit your unique business needs. Compatible with various accounting software for seamless invoicing.

How It Works


  1. Customer Checkout:

    • Customers prepare their order as usual and proceed to checkout.
    • They select “Invoice Payment” as their preferred payment method.
  2. Order Processing:

    • The order status is set to “Processing,” awaiting payment.
    • You send an invoice to the customer using your preferred accounting software.
  3. Invoice Management:

    • Enter the invoice number into the WooCommerce order details.
    • The customer receives an email with their invoice number and payment instructions.
  4. Payment and Fulfillment:

    • The customer pays the invoice directly to you.
    • Once payment is received, mark the order as “Completed.”
    • The customer sees the invoice number on their order completion email.

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