How to Create Phone Orders in WooCommerce

Do you take phone orders in your WooCommerce store?

You may get customers who want to order the products via calls from your WooCommerce store. We will teach you the simplest method to manage phone orders in WooCommerce.

In this tutorial, we will use the Sales Agents plugin to manage a Sales Agent account. You can create the customer accounts, manage them, and place orders from the Sales Agent account dashboard. The dashboard interface is user-friendly and well-designed. 

What is Sales Agent Account

Sales Agent account is a user who can have permission to create and manage new customer accounts in the store. They can make the orders on behalf of the customers. When the customer calls or messages to create orders, the sales agent will create a customer account and place the orders from that account. 

If you want to provide such services to customers, you will need the Sales Agents plugin to manage the sales agent account. It ultimately helps to increase user engagement when multiple services are offered to order the products.

How to Enable Sales Agent Account

We have already discussed the importance of a sales agent account. Now, let’s see how we can create a sales agent account to take phone orders on the WooCommerce site. 

1. Install and Activate Woosuite Core plugin

As mentioned, we will use the Sales Agents plugin to create a sales agent account. To use that plugin, you have to download and install the Woosuite Core plugin first.  

You can install it by going to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload Plugin. Then choose the downloaded plugin and click Install Now.

After the installation completes, activate the plugin to use it.

2. Install Sales Agents Plugin

After the WooSuite Core plugin is activated, you can install the Sales Agents plugin from it.

Go to Woosuite>>Addons to find the list of available plugins. Find the Sales Agents plugin and click Install Now.

Then activate the plugin by turning it on.

3. Create a Sales Agent Account

You can skip this step if you already have a sales agent account. 

If not, go to Users>>Add New to create a new sales agent account.

4. Allow Sales Agent to Create New Account

Now, we need to permit a sales agent to create a new customer account in the store. 

Go to Woosuite>>Sales Agent. Then make sure you toggle the following options.

The circled option allows the sales agent to add a billing address when creating a new user.

5. Log in to Sales Agent Dashboard

To access the sales agent dashboard, log in from the sales agent account. 

The sales agent dashboard interface will appear.

6. Create a New Customer 

Now, let’s create a new customer account from the sales agent dashboard.

Go to Customers>>Add Customer.

Provide all the details of the customer you receive and click Create Customer.

7. Create an order on behalf of customer 

After successfully creating a customer account, you can view their list on the Customers page. To place the order on behalf of the customer, you need to click the cart button on the Actions column.    

You will be logged in as a customer account, and then you can buy as a customer. 


This is how you can take orders via phone or messages in the WooCommerce store using the Sales Agents plugin. We hope now you will be able to create a sales agent account to manage the customer orders.


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