How To Set Up WooCommerce User Group Discount? (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this guide, I will guide you on creating WooCommerce user group discounts. I will be telling you everything in detail. Besides, I will mention each step’s images to better understand the step. 

Benefits Of Creating User Group Discounts 

Create multiple prices for the same products, this saves a lot of time without having to manage multiple products. 

Generate New Sales: Each business tries to convert its one-time customers into long-term customers. However, for a business, it is essential to attract new customers. Discounting offers can attract new customers and help you build a vast customer base. 

Build Relations With Customers: This is the most neglected point, but it is almost visible in every eCommerce store out there. Offering discounts to customers at a particular interval can help you build a good relationship with your customers. Later then, you can add those customers to your subscription list. 

These are some benefits of using discounting strategies. You can try this with your eCommerce store. As of now, let’s jump into the next section of this article. 

When to Use Group Discounts?

Sometimes, you might wish to discount various user roles in multiple scenarios. Some of the instances of online sales include:

  • Users who buy in bulk – Bulk purchasers frequently obtain better deals, which you may pass to your customers via role-specific promotions.
  • Discounts for groups. Discounts for team members are typically practiced among corporates. You may reward your team’s good work with role-specific discounts.
  • Users who are logged in. If you allow visitors to check out as guests, you may entice them to sign up by offering logged-in users coupons.

WordPress and WooCommerce automatically create numerous user roles that you may employ. You may target specific user roles with the correct tool or software and provide special discounts.

How to Create A WooCommerce User Group Discount

Follow the given steps to build WooCommerce user grouping discounts. 

Step 1. Install and Activate Woosuite Plugin and License 

To carry out this guide, we will be using the Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules plugin. To install and activate the Woosuite plugin, you can refer to our Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide will help you install and activate the plugin. So read the guide and follow the steps. After that, follow the mentioned steps. 

Step 2: Install Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Plugin

We will use the Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin to create the WooCommerce user group discount for our eCommerce store. You can install this plugin under the Woosuite dashboard.

Navigate to the Woosuite Dashboard, click “Addons,” then find the “Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules” plugin and click on “Install Now” to install it.

Once the plugin installation is finished, you need to activate it.  

Step 3: Creating User Group Discount for Both Cart and Price Discounts.

WooCommerce user group discounts can be applied to both cart and price discounts.

The strategy of applying user group discounts can be implemented on your WooCommerce store in the following ways:

  1. Cart level user group discounts based on subtotal
  2. WooCommerce Discount Based on User Roles
  3. WooCommerce user group discounts on a particular product and product quantity
  4. WooCommerce user group discounts on a product variation
  5. WooCommerce BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer deals for specific user groups

Let’s get started and see how WooCommerce user group discounts are created at different levels.

1. Cart Level User Group Discounts Based on Subtotal

Let’s look at how WooCommerce creates user group pricing for cart discounts.

Step 4: Navigate to your website’s dashboard and click on Woosuite > Pricing.

Under the “Pricing” page, click on “Add pricing group” in the “Advanced Rules” section.

The “Add pricing group” section looks like this. You can easily configure price adjustments for the complete store based on the total order/cart amount.

Once you have entered the “add pricing group” page, follow the steps as illustrated below:

  • Enter the “admin title”: We’ll use “Cart discount” in this example.
  • “Select an option from the drop-down menu of “Quantities based on:”: This allows you to apply the WooCommerce user group discount either on cart total or category total.
  • Next, select the user role under “Applies To:.” This helps you select the user role to which the cart level discount should be applied. It includes 3 options: everyone, guests, and specific roles.
  • And finally, set the “Order Total Pricing” with minimum/maximum order total along with the type of discount (Percentage Adjustment in this example) and the Percentage amount.

Save the changes and see how it looks on the actual product.

Let’s look at the visual representation of all the settings mentioned above.

This scenario depicts that a customer will receive a percentage discount of 5% if their order value is within $100-$500 or a percentage discount of 10% if the order value is within $500-$1,000.

Now, let’s see how it looks on the actual product.

Suppose we added 20 quantities of a single product in the cart with a price of $18 each and $360 in total, as shown below.

After adding the products to the cart, view your cart, and you’ll see that the 5% discount is applied to the cart total since the order value is between $100-$500.

This is how WooCommerce creates user group discounts based on cart total.

2. WooCommerce Discount Based on User Roles

The next scenario comes into the picture when you create a discount for the specified user roles, such as administrator, editor, customer, author, wholesale customer, etc.

The WooCommerce discount per user role would definitely help you increase brand value and customer engagement.

Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin allows the store owners to set Role pricing that helps them organize price adjustments for the complete store based on a user’s role.

If you want to create WooCommerce discounts based on user role globally so that a single rule applies to all products, click “Roles” under the “Pricing” section.

You’ll see the complete list of all your website’s user roles, along with the fields for the adjustment types and amount.

The next step would be to select the type of discount (price discount or percentage discount) and an amount for each user role.

The price discount will reduce the product price by a set amount. For example, only the wholesale customer will receive a $20 fixed discount on a purchase of any product.

Whereas the percentage discount decreases the amount by a set percentage. For example, only the administrator will receive a 10% discount on a purchase of any item.

For this scenario, we consider that since I am logged in as an administrator, I will enable the “Administrator” Role and set the “Type” field as Price discount with an amount of $5.

Save the changes and see how it works on the actual product.

3. WooCommerce User Group Discounts On A Particular Product And Product Quantity

For applying WooCommerce user group discount to a particular product, navigate to the “Products” section as shown.

Edit the product (Beanie with Logo in this scenario) that you’d like to set the user group discount for.

Scroll down to the “Product data” area, select “Simple product” from the drop-down and click on the “Pricing Discounts Rule” located in the left menu under the “Product Data” section.

To create a WooCommerce user group discount on each product, click on the “Add Pricing Group” button.

Under the “Pricing Group” page, you’ll see a list displaying each setting with fields to set the user role based on product quantity, adjustment type, and amount for each.

  • In the “Applies To:” section, select the user role that can access the applied discount on a particular product. It includes 3 options: everyone, guests, and specific roles.
  • In the “Quantities based on:” select the type of quantity where user group discount should be applied. It has 4 options: product quantity, variation quantity, cart line-item quantity, and quantity of category. You can set the WooCommerce User Group Discount on any type.
  • Set the “Rule Processing Mode” to either bulk or special offer.
  • Ultimately set the minimum/maximum quantity, discount type, and amount to reflect the user group discount on the selected product.

For example, since I am logged in as an administrator, so I’ll select “Administrator” under “Specific Roles,” “Product quantity under “Quantities based on:,” “Rule Processing Mode” as “Bulk” and set the minimum/maximum quantity, discount type and amount as shown.

Let’s see how the actual product looks like.

Now after adding the required quantities, see how the cart looks like. 5% discount is applied to a quantity of 15 products.

Similarly, you can set up WooCommerce user group discounts on product variations; you can do so in the next section.

4. WooCommerce User Group Discounts On A Product Variation

Before creating user role discounts on product variations, add attributes and variations in the product data section.

Follow this tutorial to add variations and attributes for a particular product.

Navigate to the “Product data” section and select “Variable product” from the drop-down menu.

Now click on the “Pricing Discount Rules” and add a “Pricing group” to set up user group discounts on variations.

Make sure to select “Specific Variations” from the “Product / Variations” drop-down and select the “Variations” to which you want to apply a user role discount. This is done to set up WooCommerce User Group discounts for the same product with a different variation.

In this scenario, we’ll create a discount only for red item variation.

Check out the related screenshot below.

The actual product with user role variation discount looks like this:

Once the items are added to the cart, the discount appears below.

5. WooCommerce BOGO (Buy One Get One) Offer Deals for Specific User Groups

To a surprise, the WooCommerce user group discounts can be applied to WooCommerce BOGO deals too. You can also create a WooCommerce buy one get one free offer by following this step-by-step tutorial.

BOGO deal helps customers by offering one free item over the purchase of an item. WooCommerce store owners generally use this technique to engage more audiences on their websites.

Customers will give you positive comments if they find the greatest deal on your website. It may also be used to get rid of old items and become an ideal technique to increase revenue and sales.

We’ve shared a detailed tutorial with screenshots to help you set up a WooCommerce user group discount for a BOGO deal.

On the same page, select “Simple product” from “Product data” drop-down, under “Pricing group,” select “Product Quantity” under “Quantities based on:,” “All variations” under Product / Variations:,” and “Special Offer” as “Rule Processing Mode:.”

We select “Special Offer” to create special percentage or fixed price discounts such as BOGO deals, Buy 2 Get 1 free, etc.

The settings will be displayed as:

The BOGO discount on the actual product looks like this:

Any discount tiers can be added to the discount tab as required. Similarly, you can set a fixed price and price discount for the products.


Finally, we created a WooCommerce user group discount on our WooCommerce store. We have gone through each step in detail with the images. This was the guide on how to create a WooCommerce user group discount. I hope you understood everything and implemented the same on your WooCommerce store. 

Let us know if you have successfully created the WooCommerce user group discount on our WooCommerce store.

That’s enough for this article. I will catch you in another informative article on WordPress and WooCommerce.


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