How to create a WooCommerce Bundle Coupon

A bundle discount is a discount that your customers will receive when they buy a set of products. This is an excellent way to encourage the customers to spend more in order to get the discounts

According to the estimates over 90% of American customers actively use coupons. They use them to save money, try new products, have new experiences, and enjoy the benefits that the coupon provides.

So, In today’s tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a WooCommerce bundle coupon with the help of Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin.

What is a WooCommerce Bundle Coupon?

It is the discount that your customers will get if they purchase a set of products. They can get this discount by using a coupon. This type of discount strategy will help you clear your inventory in a faster way and it is also very easy to set up.  

For example: Buy 3 products for $50 off. 

This is the example I’ll be taking for today’s tutorial. So without further ado let’s get started. 

How to Create a WooCommerce Bundle Coupon?

Here I’ll explain the step by step process to create WooCmmerce Bundle Coupons with the Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Rules plugin but you can use the plugin to create different types of discounts on your store. 

So, to create a WooCommerce bundle coupon, follow the following steps.

1. Create a Coupon

The very first step is to create a coupon code that the customers will use to get the discounts To create the coupon code, navigate to Marketing » Coupons from your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on the Add Coupon button to create a new coupon code. 

1.1. Once you click on the button, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can create and customize the coupon settings. 

1.2. To create a coupon code, enter the coupon in the Coupon Code field. This code will be used by the users to get the discounts. Keep the rest of the settings as default as we’ll be tweaking those later, with the help of Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin.

1.3. Now, click on the Publish button to publish the coupon. 

2. Install and Activate the Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Plugin

Note: You can skip this step if you have already installed and activated the Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin. 

To install the Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin, you will need to install the Woosuite Core plugin and activate it with the help of a license key. We have created a Quick Start Guide for you to figure out how to install and activate the Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin.

3. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Plugin General Settings

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, now navigate to Woosuite » Dynamic Pricing Rules from your WordPress dashboard.

4. Navigate to the Advanced Rules

Now, from the plugin’s settings, click on the Advanced Rules tab to set the discounts that will be applied to the user’s cart when he/she will use the coupon code.

5. Add the Advanced Rules

Now, click on the Add Category Pricing button to add the discount rules for the coupon code. 

Once you click the button, a rule will be added which I’ll be customizing in the next steps. 

5.1. Give Admin Title

Now, in the Admin Title field, enter the name of the rule. Only the admins will be able to see this. It is very helpful if you have created a number of rules. 

5.2. Set the Quantities

Now, from the Quantities Based On the dropdown, you’ll get two options

  • Cart Line Item Quantity
  • Sum of Category

For this tutorial, I have selected Sum of Category.

5.3. Select the Categories for Discounts

Now in the Categories to Count and Categories to Adjust fields, select the categories. Categories to Count means that if a user purchases from the selected categories then he/she will get the discounts from the categories selected in the Categories to Adjust field.

I have selected the ‘Makeup’ category in both the fields which means that if a user will make a purchase from the Makeup category (category to count) then he/she will get discounts within the Makeup category (category to adjust).

5.4. Select the Users for this Discount

Now from the Applies to dropdown, select the Everyone as we are triggering the discounts with a coupon so it can be applied to everyone who’ll use the coupon.

5.5. Select the Rule Processing Mode

Now from the Rule Processing Mode dropdown, you’ll get 4 options.

  • Bulk
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Special Offer
  • Bundle(Set) Discount

For this tutorial, I have selected the Bundle Discount as we are creating the rule to offer bundle discounts. 

5.6. Select the Coupon Code

Next you need to define how this discount will be triggered. As in our case, we are creating bundle coupon discounts, so from the Apply dropdown, select With Coupon and then select the coupon we created in the very first step of this tutorial. 

5.7. Set the Quantity Pricing

Now, in the Quantity Pricing section, we need to enter the quantity and pricing. So, in the Quantity field, enter the number of products that user will purchase in order to get the discounts using the coupon code. 

And in the Discount Value field, ener the fixed discount that users will get if they purchase the specified quantity of products.

As in our case, I am creating the coupon which gives $50 off when 3 products are being purchased from the Makeup category. So, I have added 3 in the Quantity field and 50 in the Discount Value field. 

5.8. Select the Type of Discount

Now select the Fixed Price as the type of discount from the Type dropdown. 

5.9. Give Title to the Rule

Now in the title field, give a name to it. 

5.10. Save the Changes

Next you need to save the changes. To do so, click on the Save Changes button at the top right corner. 

6. Final Results

Now let’s test the final results. To test it, I have added 3 products from the Makeup category in my cart and initially, there are no discounts applied as you can see in the below screenshot. 

Now as I entered the coupon code ‘3for50 it applied successfully and the price of the cart has been dropped which means our coupon code is working.


This is how you can create a WooCommerce bundle coupon. Now it’s up to you to configure the settings and create more rules and coupons. 

Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin has made it easier to create and offer different discounts. You can create storewide discounts, flash sales, and much more with the help of this plugin. 

Let me know in the comments section if you are using a different strategy. Also if you have any queries, you can ask them in the comments or contact our customer support. Our dedicated customer support team typically replies within 48 hours.

Download the Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin today and start offering discounts on your store!


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