If you are dealing with products that offer huge customization and giving a fixed price is not an option, the standard “Add to Cart” option will not work. Since you will be having a different price for every customer (depending upon the requirements), you need to adopt a quote-to-order process. 

Thankfully, WooCommerce provides a great list of plugins for integrating this process. I am going to share the best WooCommerce quote plugins with you today. You will learn about their features, pricing, and key benefits. So, let’s begin:

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Best WooCommerce Quote Plugins 

Here is the list of some best WooCommerce quotation plugins: 

WooCommerce Request a Quote 

This extension provides a smooth direction for initiating negotiations and encouraging conversations. Since it hides the “Add to Cart” button, customers have no option but to request a quote. 

The plugin helps you create an entire quote system from scratch. So, if you are creating a new site, this one can help you. Additionally, it lets your clients create quote baskets. With the help of a custom-made form, clients can conveniently submit their quote requests. 


  • It keeps you informed with its email notifications. 
  • The plugin helps clients in creating custom messages for quotes. 
  • The system enables users to fill their quote baskets and review them before submission. 
  • Your clients can fill their baskets with multiple products. 


  • $59 for the annual single site subscription 

Though the plugin comes with support and complete documentation, the features are limited. Therefore, it seems suitable for small businesses. But, when we compare the features with its price, it looks a bit expensive than others. 

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WISDM Product Inquiry Pro 

Due to its dynamic features, it is considered one of the most robust quote plugins. In an instant, it lets you set up the entire quotation system. The intuitive tool provides options for both primary and variant product quotes. Besides this, it enhances the overall process by putting up an inquiry button. Thus, prospects can quickly raise questions and inquire more. 

Apart from it, your clients can collectively send all queries or ask for multiple quotes in one email—this a WOW factor about the plugin that saves a lot of time. 

Furthermore, the one-hour consultation call feature is commendable. You can easily talk to a plugin’s expert, take tips and tricks, and raise queries. 


  • Customers can create custom-made inquiry forms and even add more fields
  • Enable customers to accept or reject a quote from emails directly. 
  • The plugin works as a multilingual tool as it can accept quotes in all languages. 
  • It allows customers to send multiple queries about different products in one email. 
  • The plugin provides quote options for variants and the main product. 


  • Free version available 
  • $80 for a single-site subscription 

The plugin is easy to use and comes with great support. Besides this, it suits both-  small and large-scale businesses. However, you will find one drawback about the absence of RTL language support. 

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YITH Request a Quote 

Just like others, YITH also enables your customer to ask for quotes. However, your clients can create a list of their favorite products and then ask for quotations. Additionally, there is an “Add to Quote” button through which every visitor can conveniently ask for the product quotes. 

Another key benefit of this plugin is its ability to create time-bound quotes. This strategy plays a key role in boosting sales. 



  • Basic free version 
  • $59.99 for an annual single site subscription 

This plugin seems budget-friendly as the free version also has all the basic features. There is a support team, and it is compatible with WPML too. However, some users complain that the plugin is complex. RTL support is also not present.

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WooCommerce Request a Quote by ELEX

This intuitive plugin comes with a neat interface and provides a bundle of features. Here, you can put the “Request Quote” button on the product or shop page. Visitors can also review their list of selected products on any page.

There is an auto-notification system that sends emails on every quote request. Besides this, you can place both “Request Quote” and “Add to Cart” buttons on a similar page. 


  • You can enable notifications on SMS, chat, and emails. 
  • You have the choice to put both cart and request buttons. 
  • You can even put the “Request Quote” button for individual products. 
  • You can also send notifications to customers. 
  • You can assist visitors with the custom-made order form


  • No free version 
  • $59 for an annual license 

This plugin is relatively new, but it offers useful features. However, you cannot enjoy the live demo. 

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WooCommerce Quote Request by NP 

This plugin can smartly convert the consumer carts into a quote request. Apart from it, it offers a distinctive feature of bidding on products. Yes, the customers can bid for products before requesting the quote. In this way, you get an idea about customer expectations. Furthermore, it is helpful when you create an auction for products. 


  • It lets you hide the pricing of products for specific users so that they can opt for the “Request Quote” option. 
  • Your customers can fill the cart and then directly submit it for a quote. 
  • You can put a quote request button even on the checkout page
  • With your quotes, you can send payment links too. 
  • It enhances the negotiation process by sending you auto emails. 


  • A free version is available 
  • $44.99 for an annual single site subscription 

This highly adaptive plugin comes with good support and offers a free version too. Unfortunately, you won’t find it compatible with RTL language, and there is no live demo. 

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How can Request a Quote Plugins Increase Conversions?

This quote plugin is a pre-sales inquiry option that dramatically increases conversions and leads. At times, new visitors hesitate in investing in new brands. However, when they find an opportunity to negotiate, they move a step forward. This, in turn, opens up an opportunity window for business owners. Thus, they make sure to highlight the product, justify its benefits, and show how they stand apart from the competitors. Now, when a prospect is satisfied with the product features, the sales cycle completes successfully. 

Additionally, prospects get a feel of physically purchasing the product from the store. The negotiations and conversation provide a foundation for a strong customer relationship. In this way, it gives a base for increasing the retention rate. 

For instance, you have a house rental business, and you are using quote plugins for your orders. Now, when you offer a price, potential clients are likely to negotiate. However, when you explain the key benefits of the area, the prospect might get convinced to make a deal. 

How to Select the Best Quote Plugin?

Selecting the best quote plugin requires you to study each plugin in detail. Focus on all the basic features and compare them with your product’s needs. Also, notice the add-ons and distinctive features. Some plugins come with a live demo, while others don’t. So, consider this point too. Similarly, you can enjoy a free version in some plugins. 

If you are running a small business with a limited budget, try the one with a free version. However, if you cannot compromise on the product’s features, do not hesitate to make some investment. 

Furthermore, see how the plugin notifies you of quote requests. You can even select the one that sends notifications during the entire negotiation process. So, after a thorough analysis, view the lime demo, test the free version, and then purchase the one that suits you the best. 

Now, you must have an idea about the essential attributes of a WooCommerce request quote plugin. Let us look at the individual plugins in detail: 


So, this was my list of some best quotation plugins for WooCommerce. Each plugin has its key features and is suitable for a particular product type and business. 

In my opinion, if you have a small to medium-sized business, try out the WooCommerce Request a Quote by Woosuite plugin. However, if you like the bidding part, a request quote by NP is great. My opinion can completely or slightly differ from yours, so select the one that looks good to you. 


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