Best WooCommerce Sales Commission Plugins

If you are looking for a plugin that can help you add a sales agent to your WooCommerce store to grow your business, then I got you covered here. 

I have done the research and In today’s article, I’ll present to you 3 of the best WooCommerce sales commission plugins that will enable you to onboard sales reps and offer commissions appropriately. You can expect features like order & customer management, referral links, agents performance reporting, and much more. 

So let’s dive in and explore 3 of the best WooCommerce sales agents plugins. 

1. WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents

One of the best things about WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin is, that you can add and manage the sales agents commission program in a few clicks and grow your business without any technical knowledge. 

One of the features is its ease of use and compatibility with any WordPress theme. This plugin enables the admin to control if the agent could log in and place orders on behalf of the customers.

It comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that displays all of the important data in a clear and concise manner. It offers a single-page user interface, so you don’t have to switch between tabs to find information. You also get full support from the plugin’s developers, so you can get the help you need if you have any issues.

It’ll create a dashboard for sales agents and wholesale customers, to keep everything organized and tracked. It has a performance review system that allows sales partners to track their sales and adjust their marketing efforts in order to grow and earn more commission.

Key Features

  • Availability of own dedicated sales agent dashboard
  • Easy wholesale customer management by the sales agent
  • Easy to use interface
  • Log in and place orders on behalf of the customers by admins
  • Compatible with other WordPress themes
  • Reward for high performing sales agent 
  • Advanced Commission Structures


WooCommerce B2B Sales Agent plugin starts from $12 per month.

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2. Sales Agent For WooCommerce 

Sales Agent for WooCommerce is the extension by WPExperts that you can use to add and manage the sales agents in your store. 

With the help of this plugin, you can keep track of your sales agents and their commissions. Admins can establish commission percentage levels for sales agents and access crucial sales data on their dashboards as sales agents create new client profiles and track their orders.

One of the features that I personally like in this plugin is it allows you to create commissions based on categories which come in very handy if you want to offer different commissions for different categories.

Sales agents have their own dashboards. They can look up information on their customers, orders they’ve placed, commissions they’ve earned, and other statistics.

Admins can use the dashboard feature to get a monthly performance report that includes orders, sales agents, number of customers created, paid commissions, and commissions pending for each month.

Key Features

  • Create orders for customers
  • View orders and commissions
  • Create a commission structure (categories)
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Export commission list
  • Global and category commissions


The subscription for the Sales agent for WooCommerce will cost you $49/ year for support and regular updates. In case you are not satisfied with the product, the company offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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3. SalesKing

Any WooCommerce store can benefit from SalesKing. It can be your single solution for managing sales agents, sales reps, and sales teams.

SalesKing helps you to create and manage sales agents and commissions. This plugin takes care of everything. It creates a dynamic agent dashboard for each of your agents, allowing them to manage clients, orders, coupons, affiliate links, sharable carts, send messages, adds subagents, and monitor profits and payouts. 

My favorite features in this plugin are Shareable carts and managing subagents. This plugin allows you to create different commission levels based on agents and sub-agents which means that if A refers to agent B, A receives 10% from B’s earnings B also receives 10% from C’s earnings. And this means that A receives 10% * 10% = 1% from C’s earnings.

You can create advanced commission structures that determine agent earnings, promote agents among groups, send payouts, and publish announcements.

Key Features

  • Agents can create & share coupons
  • Create Agent Groups
  • Email notifications for messages, payouts, pending payments, etc.
  • Create fixed or percentage commissions
  • Shop as a Customer feature
  • Advanced Commission Structure
  • Custom withdrawal method


SalesKing will cost you a $99 one-time fee which includes regular updates and 6 months of support from the plugin’s author. 

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If you don’t want to jump into many technicalities and want everything to be simple and clean but amazing, WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents is a winner because of its ease of use and an excellent sales agent and customer dashboards to manage and keep the track of orders and earnings. 

For other plugins, you’ll have to switch to another tab to find or change data but the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin allows you to make all the settings from a single page. 

Moreover, this plugin includes all the specifications we discussed above which makes it perfect for you to create a sales agents program and increase your sales. 

To get started, download the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin today!

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite sales agents plugin? And if you have any queries, you can ask them in the comments or contact our customer support. Our dedicated support team typically replies within 48 hours.


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