Top 5 WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugins for 2024

We’ll share a few WooCommerce plugins to allow you to add extra product options to your store.

You can add additional options to your store, such as gift wrapping, pick-up and delivery time, checkboxes, extra pricing, and other functionalities.

We’ve curated and gathered a list of the five best WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugins that might suit your requirements. Have a look!

Benefits of WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Extra Product Options increase the convenience and flexibility of your store. They give buyers the option to customize their products with interactive features like radio buttons and drop-down menus. The best part about a WooCommerce Extra Product Option is that it automates most processes.

In addition to this, you can keep track of customer insight. This allows you to know what features your buyers like the most and what not.

Also, the WooCommerce Extra Product Option is a great way to increase profit. Your customers can configure their personal computers while checking out.

5 Best WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugins

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get down to the facts: Here are the 5 best WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugins for your e-commerce store!

AovUp WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Options include several unique features, such as displaying options in a grid, stylizing blocks, showcasing product variations, and adding bulk products to the cart in just one click.

For instance, running a Pizza joint is no easy task, as customized toppings are challenging. With the AovUp Extra Options plugin, you can quickly provide your users with a set of customizable options so that they can add their favorite toppings.

Say the first three choices of pizza ingredients are free, and you want to make any additional ones paid, then you can easily adjust the plugin to prompt for a fee when customers select a fourth.

You can set your options vertically and horizontally and customize the font and color.


  • Stylize menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-downs using colors watches
  • Customize the location of additional options on a product page
  • Compatible with most themes and plugins


Starting at $16.4 per month

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WooCommerce Extra Product Options

The first on our list is the plugin from WooCommerce itself! It is the most versatile options customizer that allows you to integrate your additional Features onto your products page easily. The ease of use allows you to add checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus, giving your store a premium look.

Customization is also easy! To make your own custom field, simply apply conditional logic to create your own desired menu. WooCommerce plugins can easily be stylized for all custom designs and are compatible with most other plugins from the vendor.

It is possible to showcase products on the page without opening a new window or tab. This means that you can use this plugin to add additional features anywhere in your store.

For instance, imagine you want to add extra features for health-conscious people in your catering store. A WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin can help by allowing people to customize their menu as they add food to their cart. They can count their calories and nutrients and add or remove items from their list.


  • Allows the addition of 17+ extra custom field options on the product page
  • Automate price calculation using the formula
  • Translate into any language
  • Interactive drag-and-drop feature


With 6 months of support and a lifetime of free updates, WooCommerce Extra Products Options Plugin will cost you:

  • $39 for a regular license
  • $139 for an extended license

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Extra Product Options plugin for WooCommerce by ThemeHigh 

his plugin allows users to integrate over 20 different fields into your store seamlessly.

The fields vary from single options for an item to multiple possibilities for another in your store. Various text and color options can make you stand out from competitors. It allows users to adjust pricing dynamically for different products in their store.

Its seamless integration and compatibility with other themes and plugins make it the most desired among its competitors.


  • Conditional control of fields, based on products, categories, tags, and roles
  • Dynamic control of the price of products
  • Drag and drop features, duplication, and rearrange fields.


Subscription options for ThemeHigh Extra Options Plugin for WooCommerce allow users to get updates and support for a year to manage:

  • A single site for a fee of $39
  • 5 sites for $69
  • 25 sites for $129

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WC Fields Factory

WC Fields Factory is a WooCommerce Extra Options Plugin that allows you to add custom options to your store.

For example, you run a printed t-shirt store and allow customers to get their names printed on their purchases. In this case, WC Fields Factory can come to your aid by gathering customer information when checking out.

Additionally, this plugin can calculate and show a product’s pricing. Based on custom values provided by the buyer, the plugin is smart enough to calculate this cost and showcase it to the customer.


  • 11 different customizable options at the time of checkout
  • Translating to other languages is convenient
  • Supports 12 types of product fields, 11 types of admin fields, and 11 checkout boxes


WC Fields Factory is free for commercial use and has a forum where developers actively contribute towards support.

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WooCommerce Product Add-ons: Ultimate Product Options Plugin

This plugin has conditional logic for up to 16 fields for each product.

For instance, furniture stores require multiple customization options. From the dimensions of a sofa set to its pattern, you can customize the material, design, and cover. Secondary items such as cushions are also a mandate when ordering sofas. Therefore, this plugin is an excellent tool if you want unlimited personalization options for your customers.


  • Allows addition of up to 16 different conditional logic to fields
  • Price customization option
  • Ability to add formula to calculate cost and measurement


With free future updates and 6 months of API support, this plugin costs:

  • $69 for the basic version for single-site use
  • $119 for the pro one with unlimited site use 

It also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee to meet expectations.

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We’ve looked at a few different plugins, both free and paid, that allow you to create extra options. Based on your requirements, you can consider an AovUp product add-on or WC fields if you have a small budget.


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