5 Key Live Chat Stats (2023)

When you visit a website, your first concern is to check whether you have a guide or something to help you.  Often people find themselves stuck in mayhem because they cannot directly talk with the business representatives.   Live chats come into play a significant role here.  With the growing need for an immersive online experience, every business show knows the actual facts about how live chats can drive more traffic and increase the conversion ratio.

Live Chat Stats Highlights

  1. 79% of internet users prefer live chats because of their ability to develop a close bond.
  2. Live chat offers about 73% consumer satisfaction.
  3. 41% of consumers expect to have live chat features on websites.
  4. 60% of customers prefer to stick with companies with live chat features.
  5. 85% of international business entities will integrate live chat features by 2022.

Key Statistics of Live Chats

79% of internet users prefer live chats because of their ability to develop a close bond. 

Live chats are very helpful for any business.  Customers can easily chat with business representatives and receive a prompt and almost immediate response.  They won’t have to wait in queue to get a solution. 

With the support of live chats, businesses have registered 73% customer satisfaction

Since it is one of the best channels for communicating directly with consumers, businesses have registered 73% customer satisfaction.  When a customer doesn’t receive prompt or immediate help from the company, the satisfaction rate will automatically dwindle.  That is why live chats should be incorporated, as they can help drive the CX higher and improve the business’s position. 

41% of consumers expect to have live chat features on websites

As per a recent survey, it has been revealed that nearly 41% of customers expect to have live chat features on websites for better communication and brand bonding.  With the growing demand for an immersive experience with online businesses, customers expect to find a platform where they can directly chat with the representatives, seek help, inform about their problems, etc. 

60% of customers are happy to continue doing business with companies offering live chat features. 

Because when a business integrates the live chat feature with their website, they take one step further to connect with the customers visiting the website.  It gives a sense of peace and satisfaction, ensuring the customers will pay a second visit.  Customers will feel that they got the best attention and are honored.

By 2022, 85% of international business entities will integrate live chat features on their websites. 

Nearly 85% of global business entities plan to integrate live chat features on their website by 2022 to better bond with the consumers.  I will help them understand customer behavior and trends and engage with them.  Live chat features will take the business to a new dimension and can generate more business conversions.

A few more live chat statistics

The live chat session lasted for 657 seconds of 10 minutes 

A survey conducted by Statista in 2020 found that the average live chat session lasted for 657 seconds of 10 minutes.  It clearly shows how customers are becoming more comfortable and in line with live chats.  They love how they can now contact business representatives quickly without waiting for days. 

79% of business entities have reported increasing revenues, loyalty, and raking after integrating live webchat.

As per the changing global trends, customers are more likely to associate with the business offering live chat features and continue to engage with the same brand.  As a result, the revenues and customer loyalties will increase.

Customer loyalty will increase 4.5 times with live chat features.

There are several ways of making the customers loyal to the business, out of which live chat has become a promising method with positive results.  Customer loyalty will get a boost by more than 4.5 times if the company has live chat support.

Live chat market valuation will touch $987 million by 2023 

In a forecast by Wire, the market valuation of live chat will touch $987 million by 2023.  The study clearly explains how the market of live chats will hit a milestone in the context of valuation, owing to the high demand. 

23% increase in business conversion ratio

It’s pretty surprising, but one of the most popular airline companies globally, Virgin Airlines, has gained a remarkable increase in their conversion ratio post-integration with the live chat feature.  They have posted a 23% increase in their business conversion ratio because of the live chat features.


Live chats help connect customers with businesses at a much deeper level, ensuring they can seek quick and prompt assistance.  With such wonderful numbers, it’s clear that companies with no live chat feature might have to struggle a lot in the coming years.  After all, the current state of the customer market relies more on value than speed. 








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