Key UX Statistics for 2023

A good UX – short form for User Experience, has a more significant potential to convert leads into sales.    Today, a good UX is a deciding factor in creating good web traffic, holding customer attention to your website, and generating better sales possibilities.

So, whether you have a mobile app or a desktop site, you need to pay utmost importance to customer satisfaction.    The happier the customer is with his shopping experience, the better it is for you.    Here are some of the latest market trends adopted by successful companies to impart a great user experience.

UX stats highlights:

  1. Only 55% of companies carry out UX testing51% of website visitors leave the site if the user can see only one page while surfing
  2. Good user experience can increase website conversion rate up to 400%.    
  3. Excellent mobile UX design is why 74% of customers revisit the website.    
  4. The website’s design impression stands at about 94%. 

5 Key UX Statistics You should know about.

What is the User experience stats saying?    Only 55% of business entities are doing UX testing.    To know the best website user experience and UX testing practices, it is also essential to understand two facts: the target audience and UX testing practices.    We cannot keep away from these two facts while discussing the best practices of user experience.    (Truelist)

51% of website visitors leave the site if the user can see only one page while surfing

Most mobile phone internet searchers do have a typical attitude while surfing.    Slow website loading and no more additional pages will be a reason for leaving the site and looking for another website.    About 51% of mobile internet users leave the site if the user can see only one page on the website.    (Financesonline)

Good user experience can increase website conversion rate up to 400%

As per many User Interface statistics reviews, a poorly designed UI can undoubtedly kill a brand quickly.    In the meantime, a well-designed UI can increase the website conversion rate by about 20%.    But an excellent user experience can improve the website conversion rate by more than 400%.    (Truelist)

Perfect mobile UX design is a reason for 74% of customers to revisit the website

Good mobile UX is imperative for people to revisit the website.    The good mobile UX with feel-good appeal in the front and easy to navigate, and the back end must work as a CMS.    The design and customer experience must go hand in glove so that the website will attract more visitors.    74% of visitors will revisit the website if it has an excellent mobile UX design.    (Longtailux)

The websites design impression stands at about 94% in attracting users

The first impression of a website design dramatically influences the users and radiates a comfortable feel to the visitors.    It will influence the user to stay with the site, leading to conversion.    So, first look matters a lot, and 94% of impression depends on the design features that can attract a website user.   (Ledgeviewpartners)

Impact of Bad UX on Sales

53% of mobile users leave mid-way if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load

45% of users expect content to load correctly on their preferred device, mobile or desktop.    Users will likely move to a different brand if one device fails to load the app or the site correctly.    It is crucial to have your site optimized properly for its mobile version.    (HubSpot)

47% of customers may share their experience with friends

Around 47% of consumers who have had a negative experience are more likely to share their experience with friends, leading to poor word-to-word marketing.    Only 44% admitted that they would do the same if they had had a good experience.    (Marketing Charts)

Around 75% of consumers judge whether a site is good or bad based on its looks.

If the site is aesthetically unappealing, the consumers may abandon their visit.    Consumers make such decisions within 3 seconds, so having an attractive landing/home page is essential.    (Pop Web Design)


All these stats reveal the current status of UX for businesses.    A good user experience is directly proportional to sales.    So, you must invest in a good web design company to make a tremendous mobile-friendly app and desktop site that attracts more users to your business and engages their attention on your page, possibly luring them to take action.    It is the new and sure-shot way to convert leads into sales. 



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