Text Message Marketing Statistics

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, people are constantly busy, and connecting with them is often challenging. Their mobile phones are rarely far away, so text marketing has become so popular among businesses and customers. Text messaging is an effective way to reach out to customers personally while reducing marketing costs, especially since the cost to send an SMS has reduced dramatically over the years.

Text marketing stats shows that texting is one of the fastest and most effective marketing channels available today, contributing to its growing popularity. The text marketing facts speak for themselves.

When evaluating the use of text messaging for business, here are the most compelling mobile marketing statistics to know.

Text Marketing Stats Highlights

  1. 64% of consumers would like to be texted by businesses more often.
  2. Within 5 minutes of receiving an SMS message, 58.7% of customers respond.
  3. 48% of consumers prefer brand updates in the form of text messages.
  4. 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with businesses through text message.
  5. There are over 4 billion smartphone users in the world.

Text Message Marketing Statistics

64% of consumers would like to be texted by businesses more often.

The study also found that appointment reminders are the most popular form of text that users would like to receive from brands. 

While more brands are investing in text message marketing, many businesses have yet to offer SMS as a communication channel for consumers.

Consumers want to be able to choose how they communicate with businesses. Many consumers have made it clear that they’re hungry for the opportunity to text their favorite brands, so not offering text messaging means leaving money (and consumer goodwill) on the table.

58.7% of consumers respond to SMS messages within 5 minutes of receiving them.

In comparison to email or phone calls, the informality and time-efficiency of texting naturally make it an activity that consumers interact with most. Text message marketing stats further reveal that 89% of phone users would read a message within the 30 minutes they receive it, with 10% under 30 seconds, 26% within one minute, and 34% within five minutes. Though the volume of SMS communication has increased significantly, users still take the time to glance at the messages, and 90% of them will read and respond to the message within 30 minutes of receiving it. 

Therefore, developing texting business communication strategies around this channel can be highly effective.

48% of consumers prefer brand updates in the form of text messages.

Text messages have emerged as an effective, direct, and quick way of sharing information with customers. Most consumers believe SMS is the most convenient and efficient way for businesses to reach them quickly. Around 48% of customers prefer SMS messaging for brand updates, which has been increasingly essential after the COVID-19 outbreak. Using SMS for reminders and updates of sorts seems more feasible for customers, as it avoids risking being overlooked in an email inbox. 

9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with businesses through text message.

Semaphore defines SMS as the most-used form of communication worldwide, with around 4.2 billion people using their phones to text, despite the growth of extra tools. About 9 out of 10 consumers prefer text messaging to communicate with businesses. Consumers are excited about the possibility of handling all aspects of their order on one device, rather than having to pull out their laptops to get answers to their questions. They’d rather communicate through texting on their own time than call and be put on hold. The instantaneous nature of text messaging is very appealing to consumers. 

There are over 4 billion smartphone users in the world.

Mobile usage is exploding and becoming an increasingly powerful tool for marketers to connect with consumers around the world. According to Statista, over 4 billion people use smartphones worldwide, accounting for more than half of the world’s population. Since 2016, this number has increased drastically from only 2.5 billion users. Those with access to a phone often use text messaging all the time, and it’s quite cost-effective compared to other forms of digital marketing and advertising. 

Other Text Marketing Stats

  • The average opening rate for SMS marketing is 98%.
  • 91% of customers are interested in signing up for texts.
  • 70% of customers say that SMS is a great way to get their attention.
  • SMS response rates are up to 295% higher than phone call responses.
  • 77% of consumers say they’re likely to have a positive perception of a company offering SMS.
  • Customers find appointment reminders the most valuable texts they receive from businesses.


Text marketing is gaining more attention as a powerful tool for reaching and connecting with the target audience. It has evolved into the ideal platform for promoting a company’s products and services while also increasing consumer loyalty. As the list of SMS marketing statistics above shows, communicating with customers via text could be the key to unlocking a range of valuable benefits for the company.

Moreover, text marketing plays a fundamental role in any mobile strategy. Not simply does it have a larger reach than any other form of marketing, but it also runs a direct and intimate communication channel that customers prefer.








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