5 Best WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Plugins

Undoubtedly, managing a business through multiple channels is tough. Business owners, who operate through various retail stores and run an online store, find it challenging to streamline online purchases with in-store sales. This creates hurdles in inventory management, user information, employee tracking, and customer service. 

However, you can try out some WooCommerce POS plugins for managing your in-store orders and online sales simultaneously. I am going to share these plugins with you, highlight their features, and give a brief review. So, let’s begin: 

What does POS Mean and how can POS Plugins Help? 

POS (Point of Sale) refers to a point where a successful sales transaction takes place, a receipt is given and payment is made. The key purpose of POS plugins is to provide a front-end user interface for effective order management. Depending on the plugin’s features, users can also use it through an app or browser. 

For instance, if you are selling your products in an exhibition, you can conveniently manage orders with your iPad. Besides this, you can also capture customer data, scan barcodes, and even print receipts. It plays a key role in employee management, promotional offers, creating reports for every department, and so on. Above all, not all POS plugins require you to have an internet connection. However, you will need it at the time of data synchronization. 

How to Select the Best POS Plugin? 

For selecting the best POS plugin, you need to make sure that its features are in line with your business needs. Besides having the basic features, it should offer some add-ons. Such add-ons assist you during business expansion and growth. 

It should be intuitive and support multiple payment methods. Also, notice its compatibility with other extensions. It should be compatible with the extensions that you commonly use. 

Above all, be sure that the plugin functions on multiple devices. Managing orders directly from your tablets, iPads, and handheld devices makes things easier and more convenient. 

So, if you already have a WooCommerce store and are planning to open a physical store too, using the POS plugin is a must.  Even if you are not using this plugin yet, you can integrate it anytime.

Let us see which options we have in the best WooCommerce POS plugins: 

Foosales for WooCommerce  

This intuitive plugin provides a comprehensive POS system through which you can manage cash transactions easily. Besides this, it enables you to manage your in-store orders directly from the browser. All the inventory, data, and customer information is synchronized automatically with this plugin. Furthermore, the integration is simple as it uses the REST API for connecting to WooCommerce. Thus, you enjoy the convenience of managing orders from the backend. 


  • It gives you access to the order source and related information. 
  • It enables you to sell products from multiple channels and manage from one platform. 
  • You can automate tax calculations with the WooCommerce tax rates. 
  • You can even use third-party cash machines to accept payments.
  • It automatically sends and prints customer invoices
  • It creates customer profiles so that they can get more involved with the store. 
  • It is highly reliable and safe to use as the customer data is not in the hands of a third party, it is on the web server.
  • It has a barcode scanner through which it maintains an inventory record. 


  • The price single–site license is $249

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Lightspeed POS Integration 

When you are using this plugin, you can simply integrate your WooCommerce store with it. For this, you just need to install this plugin. After this, you will connect the store with your Lightspeed account. In this way, it synchronizes both accounts and updates all inventory along with order records. However, you must have a Lightspeed retail account for using its features. 


  • It syncs your retail store data with Woocommerce stores. 
  • Your inventory, records, and data, all get centralized. 
  • It enables you to use various payment methods, even mobile payments. 
  • You can also create a custom-made look for your POS. 
  • It includes multiple options like employee tracking, instant data, export data, etc. 
  • You can even process refunds through it. 
  • It plays a key role in maintaining customer relationships. 
  • It provides email, chat, and phone support. 


  • Single–site subscription is for $149

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Just like other WooCommerce plugins, WePOS provides extensive features for managing orders. It has great customization options and lets you manage cash information from multiple channels. Moreover, you get real-time inventory records of your WooCoomerce store. Apart from it, the fast order processing and search options help achieve business efficiency. 


  • It creates a POS system that can handle cash transactions of retail stores. 
  • It is simple and easy to integrate.
  • It provides multiple cash counters with multiple users. 
  • For cashiers, it gives a front-end login option. 
  • It enables you to automatically calculate the tax amount. 
  • It supports various payment methods
  • It offers multiple customization options. 


  • A free version is available but it supports just the cash gateway. 
  • Single-site license is for $199

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Point of Sale for WooCommerce 

This plugin enables you to effortlessly handle your online and physical store. It works like a cash register that can keep a detailed record of your stock, customer information, and orders. Furthermore, the plugin is ideal for businesses that operate through various channels. It also offers high-level configurations to meet the growing business needs. 


  • It builds a WooCommerce POS for accepting your in-store orders.
  • It can manage and maintain multiple channels. 
  • You can add products from its interface. 
  • It enables you to customize each department. 
  • It lets you create discounts, order notes, and gives complete access to former orders. 
  • It can email and print customer invoices. 
  • It offers auto tax calculation and barcode scanning. 
  • You can accept payments through card and cash. 


  • Single-site license is for $199

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WooCommerce YITH POS

This plugin acts like a virtual cash register that can maintain all your cash records. Irrespective of your business size, you can easily manage all your sales transactions with it. It means that you can operate from multiple locations and manage stock, consumer data, and receipts from one place. 


  • It uses REST API for data synchronization in your WooCommerce database. 
  • You can create multiple departments. 
  • It enables you to monitor cash through a centrally operating dashboard. 
  • You can also provide access to other team members. 
  • It enables you to take payment for a single order through multiple channels. 
  • It supports barcode scanning, printing and downloading receipts, order notes, discounts, etc. 


  • The cost single-site annual license is $188.99

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So, no matter how many retail channels you have, these WooCommerce POS plugins can help you in multiple ways. However, before picking up the right plugin, you should consider your budget as well as your business needs. 

I think, if you have a limited budget, you should try out the YITH POS, WePOS, and Point of Sale systems. These plugins require a one-time investment and offer tremendous features. However, Point of Sale looks more viable to me as it provides lifetime updates for free. 

You can also give Foosales for enjoying its app and various other features but be ready to pay a good amount. 

So, analyze your requirements, consider your budget, study different plugins, and then pick the one that looks ideal to you. 


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