Most Used Social Media 2023

The use of social media is ever-changing and rapidly evolving every day. Are you wondering what the most used Social media are in 2023? 

To make things easier, we’ve listed some of the most used social media platforms you should know in 2022 and beyond. 

List of Most Used Social Media in 2023

Ranks on our list are based on the number of monthly active users.

Social Media Platforms

Let’s dive in a little further.


The most popular social media platform is Facebook, which is used by over two billion people each month. It indicates that around 36.9% of people on the planet use Facebook. More than seven million advertisers actively promote their business on Facebook.

Facebook’s most engaging content forms are industry news, short-form videos, graphics, and other visually appealing media.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users watch a billion hours of videos daily, covering all genres from beauty, gaming, and education to DIY home improvements. Besides being the second largest social media site, YouTube is often called the second largest search engine after Google, its parent company. It is broadly popular amongst all genders, though the men-to-women ratio of users is 11:9.


WhatsApp remains the most popular social messaging app, with over 2 billion active monthly users. People in over 180 countries use it. Along with its growing user base, the platform has also introduced many new features to make user interactions easier.

People initially used WhatsApp to send text messages to their family and friends. Gradually, people started communicating with businesses via WhatsApp.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms, with more than 1 billion active users. Instagram is a highly visual platform where users share videos and images. It is very popular among the younger generations. With many major updates added to the platform during 2021, Instagram is quickly taking off and becoming a powerful channel for B2B brands.


WeChat was formerly known as Weixin in China before being relaunched as WeChat for worldwide audiences in 2012. It is the most popular social media platform in China and other parts of Asia. Like WhatsApp and Messenger, WeChat was originally a messaging app, but it’s evolved into an all-in-one platform. Besides messaging and calling, users can shop online, pay bills, buy groceries, transfer money, make reservations, book taxis, and more.


Having taken the world by storm in recent years, TikTok has become one of the most popular and well-known social networking apps. Its entertaining, creative, and trending content has continuously drawn people in. Today, TikTok consistently has over 1 billion monthly users, which naturally places it among the top-performing social media platforms in the world. It allows users to create and share videos between 15 and 60 seconds long.


Messenger used to be a feature within Facebook, but since 2011, Messenger has been a standalone app with expanded features. It is used to send messages, exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files, react to other users’ messages and interact with bots. The service also supports voice, video calling, multiple accounts, conversations with optional end-to-end encryption, and playing games.


ByteDance launched Douyin in Beijing, China, in September 2016. It rapidly gained popularity in virtually all parts of the world, with over 600 million users in 2022. TikTok and Douyin are similar, but their features are not identical. Douyin includes an in-video search feature that can search by people’s faces for more videos of them and other features such as buying, booking hotels, and doing geo-tagged reviews.


QQ is a Chinese instant messaging program that was once solely available in China but has since extended to include more than 80 nations. Prior to the launch of WeChat, QQ was the number one Chinese messaging app. The social media app also consists of an integrated language translator to help you communicate with people who speak a different language. 

Sina Weibo

Launched by the Chinese technology company Sina Corporation in 2009, Sina Weibo, or simply Weibo is a microblogging platform that compares to Twitter and Instagram. Through Weibo, users can post images, videos, and stories, see trending topics, use hashtags in posts, and use the platform for instant messaging. In comparison to WeChat, Sina Weibo has a younger demographic, offering more informational and trending content.

Other Following Social Media Platforms

  • Kuaishou(573 Million)
  • Snapchat(557 Million)
  • Telegram(550 Million)
  • Pinterest(444 Million)
  • Twitter(436 Million)
  • Reddit(430 Million)
  • Quora(300 Million)

Wrapping Up

Social media usage is expected to remain on an upward trajectory over the next coming years. And social media giants (like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) probably aren’t going anywhere, despite emerging competition. New features, such as brief content, short-form videos, and AR, are ensuring that users stay glued to these top social media platforms for longer periods each day.

That’s all for today, till next time.



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