How to Add an Upload Field In WooCommerce User Registration Form [Step By Step Tutorial]

Want to add an upload field in your WooCommerce user registration form? But don’t know how to?

By default, WooCommerce gives us some premade fields to add to the user registration form. Initially, you can choose from fields like Name, Address, Phone Number, Office Address, and more. But, for store owners, those fields aren’t sufficient to capture enough information from their customers. Owners, especially wholesale store owners, wish to add custom fields to the form. Unfortunately, WooCommerce doesn’t allow us to add personalized fields in the registration form.

And, this obstructs WooCommerce wholesale store owners from gathering more information about their customers. A custom user registration form can be helpful for online businesses in uncountable ways.

To add custom fields, store owners try different methods, but nothing works properly. Don’t be hopeless now. It doesn’t mean we can’t add an upload field in our WooCommerce registration form. We can add these personalized fields to our user registration form with the help of Custom Field plugins for WooCommerce. 

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to add custom options like the upload field button to your WooCommerce registration form. This guide will help you add additional fields in a few easy steps. I’ll be explaining each step in detail to make it better for you to understand.

So, follow the steps mentioned and add the upload option to your WooCommerce user registration form. 

Why Should You Add An Upload Field On Your WooCommerce User Registration Form?

Adding custom options to your WooCommerce user registration form has many benefits. These fields can help you capture more customer information in less time. In addition, adding the upload field on your WooCommerce user registration form could have multiple more advantages. Mainly wholesale WooCommerce store owners add this field to ask their customers to upload essential documents. 

In wholesale selling, store owners try to capture as much information as possible. Later, they use their data for promotion with their consent. 

Some of the real-life scenarios could be adding an upload option to let buyers submit their documents. Let’s understand this with an illustration. 

For instance, you run a wholesale drug store and deal with many wholesale shoppers. To sell your products to wholesalers, you want to validate whether they have a drug license or not. You can’t contact everyone individually and ask them to send their drug license documents via courier.  

In this case, you can add the upload field to your website’s user registration form so buyers can easily upload their drug licenses and submit them to you. They don’t need to spend extra bucks and time sending the package through a courier or other service. In addition, you can also save their licenses in your records for future references. 

This is one of the best real-life examples I could have given to you. If this resonates with your online store, think about whether this feature will help you in some way or another. If the answer is yes, then you should consider implementing this feature. 

Check the next section to know how you can add the custom upload field in your WooCommerce registration form. 

How Can You Add the Custom Upload Field In Your WooCommerce User Registration Form?

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t allow us to add custom fields to the registration form. Yet, we can still add personalized features to your WooCommerce user registration form. WordPress has a lot of plugins that can help us add extra fields to our user registration form. 

Amongst all, for this tutorial, I’m going to use the User Registration for WooCommerce plugin by Woosuite. The User Registration for WooCommerce plugin lets us add custom fields in a few steps. You can add different fields like upload, Text field, Password Field, and many more.

So, read the following heading to check out how to add an upload field in the WooCommerce user registration form. 

How to Add An Upload Field In A WooCommerce User Registration Form? 

In this guide, I’ll use the User Registration for WooCommerce plugin. Follow all the mentioned steps carefully to achieve the desired results. You can validate your settings from the attached screenshots. 

Step 1. Install and Activate The WooSuite Core Plugin

We will need to install and activate the Woosuite Core plugin to add the custom upload field. After that, it will automatically enable the User Registration for the WooCommerce plugin. To install the plugin, make sure you have downloaded the plugin to your computer. Follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Plugin’s section, and click on Add New.
  2. Click on Upload Plugin.
  3. Choose the plugin file, and click on Upload.
  4. After uploading the plugin, click on Install Plugin.

Now, it will automatically start installing the plugin. When it is done installing the plugin, it will notify you. Then, you can find the plugin in the Plugin section. Here is the summarized process.

WordPress Dashboard: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Install Now

Now, we will need to Activate the plugin. To Activate the plugin, visit the Plugin’s section, and look for the Woosuite Core plugin. Then, click on Activate.

WordPress Dashboard: Plugins > Woosuite Core > Activate

No, we will activate the Woosuite Core License. Follow the next step. 

Step 2. Activate The Licence 

After installing and activating the Woosuite Core plugin, you will see a new option in the WordPress tool menu. The new option would be Woosuite. In the Woosuite sub-menu, click on the License option. After clicking on that, it will redirect you to a new page. 

The new page will ask you to add the license key. So, paste the license key in the box and click on Activate License. 

Woosuite > Activate > Paste Licence > Activate Licence

You would have received the Woosuite license key via email. So, check your inbox, if you don’t have your license key with you. Else, you can also find the license key in your Woosuite Account. 

After activating the Woosuite Core license, it will enable the User Registration for WooCommerce plugin automatically. Follow the next heading to check out how to add the upload field in your WooCommerce user registration form. 

Step 3. Install the User Registration  Plugin

We have now installed and activated the Woosuite Core plugin and license. After activating the plugin, you will get a new option called Woosuite in the WordPress tool menu. In this step, we will now install the User Registration for WooCommerce plugin. 

Click on the Addons option under the Woosuite sub-menu. In the Addons section, look for the User Registration for WooCommerce. We will need to turn it on. So, click on the toggle to install it. 

Step 5. Enable Account Creation In WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows us to enable the account creation option on the Checkout Page and My Account page. In this step, we are going to enable both of the options. 

Head over to the WooCommerce setting and go to the Account & Privacy Section. In the Account & Privacy Section, enable the Allow customers to create an account during checkout option and Allow customers to create an account on the “My Account” page by clicking on it. The same has been mentioned in the picture below.  

Note: This option is mandatory to add the upload field in the user registration form. Otherwise, users won’t see the Signup option on the My Account and Checkout Page.

Step 6. Enable Default WooCommerce Fields

WooCommerce offers default fields to show on the checkout page, such as First Name, Last Name, Home Address, Email, and Phone Number. By default, these fields would be disabled. To show them in the user registration form, we will need to enable them one by one. 

Visit the Default Fields setting in the User Registration plugin setting. Now, you will see all the options that are currently disabled. Click on the field you want to enable, and set the Status to Publish. From there, you can also make the changes like whether the field is required, field width, and more.

Step 7. Create An Upload Field For The User Registration Form

In this step, we will start adding the custom upload field for our WooCommerce wholesale user registration form. Follow the mentioned steps.

Navigate to  User Registration setting > Registration Fields > click on the Add Field button. Now, we will start creating the upload field. 

After clicking on the Add Field option, it will redirect to a new page asking for additional information. 

This tutorial is about adding the upload field, so I’ll only discuss this field type. Besides this, you can create multiple field types such as text field, ReCaptcha field, checkbox field, and many more. And, the process would be the same for other field types as well. 

7.1. Label: Add the field name you want to show on the account creation page in the Label setting. For instance, if you are creating a field to collect First Name and Last Name. I’m making an upload field, so I will name it as Please Upload Your Wholesale License. 

7.2. Field Type: As I am creating an Upload File field in this tutorial, I will choose the Field Type to File Upload from the dropdown list. 

7.3. Status: This setting is important to show this field on the front end. Make sure it is set to Active. Later, you can set it to Inactive if you want to remove it from the user registration form. 

7.4. Maximum File: You can also set the maximum upload size. Here you can add the Maximum File size. I’m assuming it is 10 MB.

7.5. Allowed File Types: In this field, you have to add the allowed file types. You can add multiple file types by separating them with commas. Just like this, .png,.pdf,.jpg.,.jpeg,.webp. If you don’t mention a specific file type, it means they won’t be able to add a particular file type. 

7.6. Style: In the Style setting, you can select whether the field is required or not. You can also control whether the field is changeable or not. So, choose according to your requirements. 

7.7. Width: This setting depends upon your theme and design preferences. You can decide whether the field should be displayed in Full or Half-width in the Width section. 

7.8. User Role Dependency: If you want to enable this field for specific user roles only, then allow the User Role Dependency by clicking on the checkbox. 

7.9. Select User Roles: Then, select the User Roles you want to show in this field. For example, if a user selects Account Type to Wholesale, this field will be visible. Otherwise, it won’t display to the user.

Final Results

Finally, we have finished all the steps correctly. Now, it’s time to check its functionality. Whether it is working fine or not? So, check the below image to know the final results.

As you can see in the picture, the page includes the same field we created the upload field. In addition, I chose User Role to Wholesale, and it showed the File Upload option. 

This was all about how to add a custom field like upload in your WooCommerce wholesale registration form.


Finally, we figured out how to add the upload field in the WooCommerce user registration form. We understood each step in detail with its outcome. As said in the beginning, we learned to create an upload field for our WooCommerce user registration form. So, this was the step-by-step guide on adding a custom field in the WooCommerce registration form. I hope you understood everything correctly and implemented it in your eCommerce store.

Let us know if you have successfully added the upload field in the WooCommerce user registration form.

That’s all for this tutorial. I will develop another fantastic and informative tutorial on WordPress and WooCommerce.


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