How to Create WooCommerce Custom Registration Form

Do you want to use a customer registration form on your WooCommerce site?

This article teaches you how to create a customer registration form on the WooCommerce site. You can create a custom field and ask the customer to enter the required information. WooCommerce does not provide the function to edit the registration form. So, we will use the User Registration for WooCommerce plugin to create a customer registration form. 

What is the WooCommerce Registration Form?

The registration form can be used to register the account on the website by the customer. The customer may require to enter their information such as email, name, phone number, or address to register the account. Nowadays, most WooCommerce sites have a registration form. The default WooCommerce registration form contains only one field, so you need to create your custom registration form. It will help you to get the required information from newly registered customers.  

Why should you use User Registration for WooCommerce plugin?

This plugin is easy to set up and offers a simple way to add custom fields in the registration form. It helps you to collect extra information from your customers easily. It lets you add an option where users can select their roles when creating an account. For example, a wholesale customer, a normal customer, a retailer, etc. You can set up auto-approval or manually accept/reject user accounts.  

How to Enable Customer Registration Form 

Have you enabled the registration form on your website? If not, don’t worry we’ll teach you.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings >Account & Privacy. Then check the box which says  “Allow customer to create an account on the ‘My Account page”

After that, the visitors will be able to use the registration form to create an account on your WooCommerce site. But the form contains only one field which is an E-mail address. So, in this article, we will teach you to add custom fields in the registration form. 

How to Enable Custom Registration Form

As we have already set up the customer registration form, now let’s move to the steps to create our custom registration form.

1. Install and Activate Woosuite Core plugin

You need to download the Woosuite Core plugin and upload it to your site.

Go to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload Plugin. Then choose the zip file of the plugin and click Install Now.

After the plugin is installed successfully, activate the plugin by clicking the button.

2. Install User Registration for WooCommerce plugin

Now, you need to install the User Registration for WooCommerce plugin.

Go to Woosuite>>Addons. Then find User Registration for WooCommerce and click Install Now.

After it is installed, activate the plugin to use it on the site.

3. Set Default Fields

Now, go to the User Registration page to configure the form settings.

Go to Woosuite>>User Registration>>Default Fields.

From Default Fields, you can easily use pre-built fields. 

You can also edit these fields according to your need. To edit, click on the listed field tab.

  • Label: You can rename the field.
  • Placeholder: You can put the placeholder for the field.
  • Required: When checked this option, the user must provide the information in the field.
  • Sort Order: You can sort the order of the fields by specifying the numbers.
  • Field Width: You can use this option to manage the width of the field.
  • Status: To display the field, you need to select publish on the Status option.

After editing all required fields, you need to save fields. To do so, click Save Fields button.

4. Save Changes

Then click Save changes to apply on the WooCommerce site. 

You can go to the My Account page to check the new custom registration form. Anyone can register a new customer account on the site using this registration form. 


User Registration for WooCommerce plugin makes the process easier to create a custom registration form in WooCommerce. We hope you will be able to create your customer registration form. If you have any queries related to the plugins, please let us know.


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