How To Create WooCommerce Wholesale Discount

In this article, I will teach you how to create a Wholesale Discount on WooCommerce products using the Wholesale Pricing plugin. This plugin features an easy way to quickly set different wholesale pricing discounts as per the wholesale group. 

Why you might want to add a Wholesale Discount?

Offering a discount can increase your conversion rate, encourage wholesalers to order more to qualify for the discount, and finally, it is a good way to shift last season’s stock. 

Since WooCommerce does not contain wholesale discount features, you will need this plugin to manage the wholesale products in your WooCommerce store.  

How to Enable Wholesale Discount in Products?

Now let’s create a wholesale discount on the products using the Wholesale Pricing plugin. We consider you already have a WooCommerce site with some products for following the steps below.

Step 1: Install and Activate Woosuite Core Plugin

First, you have to download the Woosuite Core plugin on your device and upload it to your site. 

Go to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload Plugin. Choose the zip file you downloaded and click Install Now.

After the plugin is installed, activate it to use its features.

Step 2: Install Wholesale Pricing Plugin

Now, you need to install the Wholesale Pricing plugin from the Woosuite.

Go to Woosuite>>Addons. You will see all the available plugins provided by Woosuite. Since we are using the Wholesale Pricing plugin, click Install Now on its section.

After the installation, you need to activate it by turning it on.

Step 3: Edit the Products

In this step, you need to edit the product pricing to create the wholesale price. 

You can choose any product from your store to enable wholesale pricing. Here, we are editing the product ‘Polo.’ 

Step 4: Configure the User Roles

After you have clicked Edit, scroll down a little to see the pricing settings like below. Regular price is the actual price of the product, and sales price is the selling price of the product. 

On Wholesale Pricing Rules, you can set the wholesale price for the product.

Applies to contains three options:

  • Everyone: To use the price for everyone in your store
  • Guests: To set the price for visitors or non-registered users only
  • Specific Roles: This option allows you to choose the particular user role in the field Roles.

Step 5: Set the Wholesale Price

After selecting the roles, you need to specify the wholesale price which you want to offer. 

In the Wholesale Price field, enter the wholesale price amount.

Step 6: Update the Product

Then update the product to apply the change.

You can view the product to see the wholesale price. You may need to log in according to the roles set in the pricing rules.


This tutorial helps you set up a Wholesale Discount on the WooCommerce store using the Wholesale Pricing plugin. It is a fast and straightforward method to apply wholesale pricing on WooCommerce products. If you have any confusion, please feel free to ask us in the comment section.      


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