How to Import AliExpress Reviews to WooCommerce?

AliExpress is an ideal place to start dropshipping WooCommerce stores. While there are several plugins and extensions available to import products from AliExpress to WooCommerce. 

Similarly, a few good plugins are available that help you import AliExpress reviews to WooCommerce. 

Product reviews strongly affect the user’s purchase experience in dropshipping or an online eCommerce store. The product you choose may have several thousand reviews, and importing them manually is hectic. 

In today’s article, I’ll share the step-by-step process to import the AliExpress reviews to WooCommerce in just a few clicks. I’ll use a free chrome extension, so you won’t have to spend extra money purchasing any additional plugins or extensions.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the tutorial.  

Import AliExpress Reviews to WooCommerce

Please follow the following steps to import AliExpress reviews to WooCommerce. 

1. Add the iRivYou Extension to Chrome

It is a free extension that you can install on your chrome browser. To install it, open the chrome extension store by clicking this link, or You can search for the ‘iRivYou Import AliExpress,’ and you’ll get the extension. 

Once you have found the extension, please click the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button next to the extension name to add it to chrome. 

After clicking the button, you’ll get a prompt; please click the ‘Add Extension’ button to add it. 

2. Create a WooCommerce Rest API 

Once the extension is installed, we need the WooCommerce Rest API Key and secret to connect the extension with the WooCommerce store. 

To get the API details, navigate to WooCommerce » Settings » Advanced from your WordPress admin dashboard. 

2.1. Click the Rest API

Once you are in the advanced settings of WooCommerce, click the ‘Rest API’ button below the primary WooCommerce tabs. 

2.2. Create a New API Key

Click the ‘Add Key’ button to create a new API Key. 

2.3. Add the API Details

Once you click the button, you’ll redirect to a page where you can add the API label and grant permissions. 

I gave it an exemplary name and granted the permissions as ‘Read/Write’ from the ‘Permissions’ dropdown. This will allow the API to add reviews to WooCommerce. 

After that, click the blue ‘Generate API Key’ button to get the API credentials. 

After clicking the button, you’ll get the API details. Copy them to a doc to save them. 

3. Connect the Extension to WooCommerce

Once you get the API details, click the extension icon from the top bar of your browser and click the ‘Setup Connection to Store’ button. This will redirect you to a new page and open a fill-in prompt. 

After clicking the button, you’ll get the following prompt. 

3.1. Add the API Details and Store the URL

We need to fill out the form to connect the extension with the WooCommerce store

In the ‘WordPress URL’ field, add the URL of your store. In the ‘Consumer Key’ field, add the consumer key that we created in the previous step, and in the ‘Secret Key’ field, please enter the consumer secret. 

You can leave the ‘Activation Key’ field empty. 

3.2. Connect the Extension with WooCommerce

Once you have added all the details, click the ‘Connect’ button at the bottom of the page to connect the extension with the WooCommerce store

Once the connection is successful, you’ll see a message similar to the following:

4. Copy the Product ID

We need to copy the product ID from WordPress to import reviews from AliExpress to WooCommerce. 

Note: This tutorial is about importing the reviews from AliExpress to WooCommerce, so I have already imported the product from AliExpress to WooCommerce using the ALD, a free plugin. 

To copy the product ID, navigate to Products » All Products from your WordPress admin dashboard. 

4.1. Copy the Product ID

Hover your mouse over the product name, and you’ll see the product ID. Copy the ID. 

5. Import AliExpress Reviews to WooCommerce

Navigate to AliExpress and find the product you imported to your WooCommerce store. You’ll see the ‘Import Reviews’ button on the product page of AliExpress. 

Click the ‘Import Reviews’ button. 

Once you click the button, a new box will pop up with all the reviews available on AliExpress. The free version of the extension allows you to add only 100 reviews. 

5.1. Paste the Product ID in the Field

We need to add the product ID in the field to import the reviews from AliExpress to WooCommerce. The product ID will tell the extension to add these reviews to this product. 

This extension will also import the review images. You can also delete and edit any review you want. 

As mentioned above, the free extension allows you to import only 100 reviews. If you want to import more reviews, you’ll need to purchase the pro version of the extension. 

5.2. Import AliExpress Reviews to WooCommerce

Once you have pasted the product ID, click the ‘import’ button at the bottom right corner of your screen to import the reviews to WooCommerce. 

6. Final Results

Now, let’s check the reviews on the WooCommerce store. 

To check them, visit the product page, and you’ll notice that the reviews have been imported from AliExpress to WooCommerce. 

How to Maximize the Average Order Value?

While doing dropshipping, the profit margins are usually low to compete with already established giants in the market and attract more customers.

If you want to sustain your business and make good money from dropshipping, you’ll want your customers to create large orders that will increase your average order value (AOV).

To maximize your average order value, there are several things you can do. For example, you can create bundled products, set a minimum order quantity, create tiered discounts, etc. 

I have compiled a few guides to help you maximize your average order value (AOV).


That’s it for today’s tutorial. 

I hope you were able to import AliExpress reviews to WooCommerce without any difficulty. I have shared some tips to increase the AOV, which will also help you to make more money. 

Reviews encourage customers to buy the product. Once you start getting sales, ensure you ask the customers to leave honest reviews. This will help you create your brand identity

Some users don’t like or have the time to leave feedback, so you can set up a campaign that excites them and forces them to leave feedback. 


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