Set Minimum Order Quantity in WooCommerce: Easy Guide

Using WooCommerce’s minimum order quantity rules ensures that every sale is profitable and manageable for your online business. This tutorial will teach you how to install and configure the WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin in just a few minutes.

With WooCommerce, the customers may only purchase a few or as many of each product as they want. There are no minimum or maximum quantity restrictions. As a result, this can cause many problems for your business. Customers can place small, unprofitable, or order products with low-profit margins, or you might receive orders in the bulk quantity that might be too bulky to manage, and many more.

These issues are addressed with the WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin. It’s simple to use and completely flexible, unlike other WooCommerce minimum and maximum quantity plugins. It allows you to have complete control over the product quantity in your store without slowing it down.

Benefits Of Adding WooCommerce Minimum Order Quantity Rules to Your Store

There are multiple reasons for adding minimum quantity order rules to your WooCommerce store.

All eCommerce stores have their own backend costs, such as shipping, processing time, and warehouse storage fees. As a result, small order quantities frequently result in a loss.

So, adding a WooCommerce minimum order quantity per product can ensure that all the orders are profitable regardless of their size. So, simply set the minimum order quantity or value and let customers keep adding orders to their cart until they reach a point where they can check out at a profitable level for you.

On the other hand, changing the default product quantity in your WooCommerce store encourages users to buy more from you. This value is set to zero by default, allowing customers to place small orders. Therefore, if you set the default value to three, customers may automatically order three items, as they might believe that’s what other users of your online store are doing.

Also, you can add minimum quantity rules to certain user groups. Store owners also use our Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin to set up WooCommerce user group discounts.

A multipurpose store might sell products to different types of customers. For example, you might want to add the WooCommerce minimum order rule for guest users only to not intervene with the logged-in users. As a result, it makes sense to set minimum quantity rules without affecting other customers.

This can be easily achieved with the WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin. Just choose which user group role your minimum quantity rules will apply to.

Is WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity the Best Plugin?

WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity is a flexible and powerful tool to add a minimum and maximum order quantities in your WooCommerce store.

This plugin helps you gain complete control over your product quantities and enables you to control the product quantities each customer can buy. As a result, this strategy prevents you from accepting a loss-making order ever again.

While the above-listed benefits, this plugin also includes several other useful features for business owners.

  • Set a minimum order value to guarantee that each order is profitable, or set a maximum order to restrict the amount a user may spend.
  • Set quantity rules on a single product or global level for easy maintenance of your WooCommerce store.
  • Create quantity increments on all selected products you might want to sell in batches. This is done to improve operational efficiency. For example, you sell woolen caps, and there are 4 caps per box in your warehouse. You can specify that the cap order can only increase in increments of 4. This will make sure customers can’t order half a pack of caps.
  • Create multiple tailored rules for your customers. For example, you might have one quantity rule for your B2B users and another for B2C.
  • You can easily set the minimum/maximum order rules based on user roles (on single products or variations).

Now you know the advantages of adding a minimum order per product in WooCommerce. Let’s spend a few moments setting this all-in-one quantity control on your WooCommerce store.

How To Create WooCommerce Minimum Order Per Product?

The easiest way to set up a WooCommerce minimum order per product is by using the WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin. It is one of the best WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugins available in the market.

WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin allows you to set minimum and maximum quantities on a product or global level, create quantity increments on all or selected products, create rules to customize the user experience, and many more.

Let’s get started and go through the step-by-step guide to create the minimum order per product.

Step 1: Installing and Activating Woosuite Plugin

First, you’ll need to download the Woosuite plugin to enable discounts on different user roles. After downloading it, upload and activate the plugin on your device.

You can upload the plugin at Plugins > Add New.

Now click on “Upload Plugin,” select a file you downloaded (Woosuite plugin) and click “Install Now.”

After installing the plugin, activate it.

Step 2: Install WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity Plugin

We will use the WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin to create the WooCommerce minimum order per product for our eCommerce store. You can install this plugin under the Woosuite dashboard.

Navigate to the Woosuite Dashboard, click “Addons,” then find the “Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules” plugin and click on “Install Now” to install it.

Once the plugin installation is finished, you need to activate it.  

Once the plugin is activated, it will display under the Woosuite dashboard like this:

Step 3: Adding A WooCommerce Minimum Order Per Product

You can set the minimum order per product level under the “Products” section. Edit the product you are adding minimum order quantities to.

Scroll over to the “Product Data” section and click the “General” tab, where you will see the Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules displayed.

Now, here you can add a WooCommerce minimum order quantity per product and additional features such as a maximum quantity, a minimum/maximum value that the user must spend when they purchase the product, default order quantities, increments, etc.

The “minimum quantity” allows you to enter a quantity to prevent users from buying this product if they have fewer than the allowed quantity in the cart.

I will set both the minimum and maximum quantity for a particular selected product in this example.

Now update your selected product and see what the actual product looks like.

Here you will see that by default, the product quantity will be set to 3, and you can’t decrease the quantity below 3.

You can follow the same steps for product variations; just remember to select the “Variations” from the “Product Data” drop-down to enter your rules.


This tutorial shows you how we used the WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin to create a WooCommerce minimum order per product.

While ordering a product, WooCommerce doesn’t allow you to establish a minimum or maximum order quantity restriction.

However, it may be easily added to a WooCommerce store with plugins.

WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a dependable plugin and a good choice if you want a free plugin to help you add the functionality to your WooCommerce store.


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