How to add a WooCommerce Request a Quote Form

Many businesses rely on Quote Form to enable visitors to request quotes for their services. If you are one of the businesses, you have come to the right place as we will learn how to add a WooCommerce request a Quote Form.

The Quote Form enables visitors to quickly connect with your business representative and get an idea of your pricing model based on their needs. In case if you have not noticed, not all businesses are the same. The requirements differ and that’s why it is important for you to have the option for your customers and visitors to connect with you through the Quote form.

The established communication will surely enable you to offer the best deals for your customers.

So, how do you go ahead with WooCommerce Quote Form? Well, for the tutorial, we are going to use a handy plugin known as OptimizeCore Form. It is simple to use a plugin that provides you with the right tools to enable the option. It also comes with multiple modules, which also provide different features.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of using the Request Quote Form Plugin

Before we move forward and go through the actual steps, let’s first check out the benefits of using the Request Quote Form.

When the internet was not present or was in very early stages, customers needed to make a call to learn about the business services and then eventually get a quote. This method is not bad, and still works, but only for a large business. If you are a small business, you may find multiple difficulties in this approach.

The difficulties include the following:

  • Lack of details: As each business is different, they have different requirements which mean needing specific details to create the quote. If you opt to use the phone approach, this means that you need to make multiple phone calls to get all the details. The approach is also vulnerable to mistakes as it is not written communication, and mistakes can happen. Lastly, phone communication can easily lead to frustration as well.
  • Limited availability: As a small business, it is not possible to be available all the time for calls. This makes your ability to reach customers limited in many ways.
  • No records: If you go do not use CRM, then you find yourself in trouble as there would be no proper way to store the information of the interactions with the customers.

All these reasons should be enough for you to get your business the Request Quote Form. And, that’s why we will go through the steps below.

Adding a WooCommerce Request a Quote Form Functionality

As a WooCommerce owner, you can ask your developer to add the functionality to your site through code. This approach is visible, but not advisable as it is a not only costly but time-consuming effort. The best way is to use the WooCommerce plugin to enable the Quote Form. There are plenty of available plugins that let you do so, however, it is important to use a plugin that is easy to use and let you control the different aspects of the form.

That’s why we are going to use the OptimizeForm Core plugin.

Step 1: Installing and Activating OptimizeForm Core Plugin

To get started, the first step is to install the OptimizeForm Core Plugin. The plugin is easy to install and you can install it just like any other plugin. Initially, you need to download the plugin to your desktop. From there, go to your site’s backend, and then Plugins >> Add New.

There you will find the option to install the plugin. Activate the plugin and you are good to go to the next step.

Step 2: Activate the Request For A Quote Module

As mentioned earlier, OptimizeForm Core comes with many modules, and to achieve a certain task, you need to use a certain module to your advantage.

In our case, you need to enable the Request a Quote Plugin.

It can be done by going to OptimizeForm on the menu and then selecting Modules.

Once you are there, you will find the modules listed. Simply select the OptimizeForm Request a Quote module and enable it by turning it ON. The page should refresh and you will now see the manage option there which will replace the Learn More button.

Step 3: Configuring Request A Quote

If you clicked Manage, you should be redirected to the module option. In case it was not done, then you need to Go to Modules and then Select, “Request a Quote.”

From there, you need to first Add New Rule.

Once done, you will be redirected to a new page where you can configure the rule accordingly.

Here, you can add title, set rule types, rule priority, choose whether the rule applies to all products or not, select the categories, and much more!

Finally, click on publish on the right-hand side to save the rule.

Step 4: Enable Hide Add to Cart Button

As you are using the form for a quotation, it is important that you enable a few options. The first option that you need to change is the Hide Price option. You need to Hide Price to Yes. And also change the Hide Add to Cart Button to “Replace Add to Cart Button with a Quote Button.”


This leads us to the end of our WooCommerce Request A Quote Form tutorial where we added the Quote Form to the WooCommerce site. If you want still want to know more then do not forget to check out the plugin documentation. You can also choose the comment section to ask questions.


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