How to hide prices until login in WooCommerce

In this article, you will learn how to show the prices of products to logged in users only using the Request a Quote Plugin. It allows you to hide the prices and add to cart buttons for guest users., Many eCommerce shops use this method to show prices, add to cart options, and buy options to logged in users only.  

Why Show Prices to Logged in Users Only?

It can be helpful when you want to show the price of products to your registered users only. So, visitors will be prompted to register an account on your website. When they register an account, you get the details of the customer. In this way, you can increase the number of registered users and sell products more efficiently.

How To Show Prices for Logged in Users Only?

With the Request a Quote plugin, it becomes easier to hide the price until the customer login to your store website. Below we will show you step by step how to show prices only when logged in.

1.  Install and Activate the Woosuite Core Plugin

First, you need to install the plugin, so download the Woosuite Core plugin to your device. 

Go to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload Plugin. Then select a plugin and click Install Now.

Then activate the plugin to use it.

2. Install Request a Quote Plugin

As we are using the Request a Quote plugin, go to Woosuite>>Add Ons and click Install Now on the Request a Quote plugin.

After the installation, turn on the plugin to use it.

3. Add a New Rule

On the Request a Quote page, you will find the Add New Rule option. It lets you create the rule for specific users’ products.

Click Add New Rule

4. Add Rule Name and Type

If you put the rule name, it would be easy to recognize and edit the rule later. The Rule Type option allows you to apply the rules for registered or guest users. 

  • Quote Rule for Guest Users: The rule will only be applied to guest users/visitors.
  • Quote Rule for Registered Users: Create the rule for registered users. You can also choose different user roles.

You can set the rule priority for each rule. It defines which rule should be used for the product. The rule with high priority will be applied when there are multiple rules for the same product. (The value ranges from high priority 1 to low priority 10) 

5. Select Users and Products

There are three options for you to select products.

  • Apply on all products: Select this option to apply the rule for all products. If you select this option, other options will disappear.
  • Quote Rule for Selected Products: Choose the specific products to apply the rule.
  • Quote Rule for Selected Categories: You can select the categories to apply the rule.

6. Hide the Price

After you have selected the products, select Yes in ‘Hide Price’ to hide the price.

When you select Yes, you get an option to put text in place of price.

7. Add Quote Button

The next option is the Hide Add to Cart button, where you can choose from four options. 

  • Replace the Add to Cart button with a Quote Button: The Add to Cart button is replaced with a Quote Button. 
  • Keep Add to Cart button and add a new Quote Button: You can use this option to keep both Add to Cart button and a new Quote Button.
  • Replace Add to Cart with a custom button: Use this option to replace Add to Cart with your custom button.
  • Keep Add to Cart and add a new custom button: You can also add a new custom button while keeping Add to Cart.

We will replace the Add to Cart with a custom button and insert the link to register/login to an account in the custom button. You can also label the custom button. (eg. Sign Up)

8. Publish the Rule

After completing all the above steps, publish the rule to apply it to your website.

Then go to view the product without logging in.


This article presents a tutorial on how to show prices only when the customers log in to the website. We hope now you have an idea to hide the price for non-registered or guest users. If you have any confusion, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section.


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