How to disable checkout in WooCommerce?

Do you need to disable the checkout for products in the WooCommerce store? 

This article will show you how we can disable the checkout and stop the buyers from purchasing the product in WooCommerce. We will be using the Request a Quote plugin which includes an option to remove the add to cart button. It ultimately stops the customers to perform checkout as they will not be allowed to add products to the cart.

Why should you disable checkout in WooCommerce?

When certain products are out of stock or unavailable for all kinds of users, you need to disable the checkout option for such types of products. 

If you want to sell products to your registered customers or subscribers only, you will need an option to disable the checkout in WooCommerce products. The Request a Quote plugin allows you to remove the add to cart button so the users can neither add products nor checkout in WooCommerce. Optionally you can add a new quote button from which users can query about the products with you directly. You will receive emails whenever someone submits the quotes through the form. You can also hide the price with the help of this plugin.  

How to disable checkout in WooCommerce?

As we have already discussed the need to disable your checkout, let’s move to the steps you should follow to disable checkout in WooCommerce.

Step 1: Install and Activate Woosuite core plugin

Since WooCommerce does not have a feature to disable the checkout option ,we will take the help from the WooCommerce plugin. 

First, you need to download the plugin file to your device and upload it to the WooCommerce site.

To upload the plugin on WooCommerce, go to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload Plugin. Then select the plugin file and click Install Now.

After the plugin is installed successfully, make sure you activate it to use its features on the site. 

Step 2: Install and Activate Request a Quote plugin

Then you need to install a Request a Quote plugin from Woosuite.

Go to Woosuite>>Addons. Find Request a Quote plugin and click Install Now.  

After the plugin is installed, you need to toggle on the plugin, as shown in the image below. 

Step 3: Add New Rule

Under Request a Quote dashboard, you have to add a new rule to configure the settings for hiding the add to cart button.

Go to Woosuite>>Request a Quote and click Add New Rule.

Step 4: Add Rule Name and Rule Type

After adding a new rule, you can put a rule name and edit rule type and rule priority. For example, we have a rule name as Disable checkout. 

On rule type, there are two options to apply rules for guest users or registered users only.

You can provide value on Rule priority from high priority 1 to low priority 10. It is useful when more than one rule is applied to the same product because the rule with the highest priority will only be applied in such cases.  

Step 5: Select Products to disable checkout

You will need to select the products to disable from being checkout in your WooCommerce store. You can choose all products, specific products or categories to disable checkout. 

The first checkbox is used for applying the rule on all products.

You can select specific products or categories on the below field to apply the rule.

Step 6: Hide Add to Cart button

You can also choose to hide the price if you want. 

Under Hide Add to Cart button, there are four options for the following use:

  • Replace the Add to Cart button with a Quote Button: The Add to Cart button will be replaced with a Quote Button. 
  • Keep Add to Cart button and add a new Quote Button: You can keep both Add to Cart button and a new Quote Button.
  • Replace Add to Cart with a custom button: It will replace Add to Cart with your custom button.
  • Keep Add to Cart and add a new custom button: You can also add a new custom button without removing the Add to Cart button.

We do not need the Add to cart button to disable the checkout option. So, we can use two possibilities which replace the add to cart button.  

Below that, there is a custom button label field to edit your button name to display. 

Step 7: Publish the rule 

After configuring all the required settings, you need to publish the rule to apply to the WooCommerce site. 

After publishing the rule, visit the store and view the product, you will find Add to cart button replaced with the Request a Quote button.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. How can I disable checkout in WooCommerce?

You can disable checkout in WooCommerce by removing the Add to Cart button.

B. What happens when the checkout is disabled in WooCommerce?

When the checkout is disabled, users cannot purchase the product from the WooCommerce store.

C. Which plugin is required to disable checkout in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce does not include the feature to disable the checkout option. So, you will need the Request a Quote plugin to disable checkout in WooCommerce.


This article teaches how to disable the checkout option by removing the Add to cart button in WooCommerce. It allows you to sell certain products to your limited customers only. We hope you will be able to disable checkout in your WooCommerce. If you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us.


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