How To Create WooCommerce Private Products [Step by Step]

In this tutorial, we will learn to create WooCommerce Private Products using the Restriction Rules plugin. It allows you to select multiple products or whole categories to hide the products. The private products remain hidden in the public store and only visible to selected customers.     

What are Private Products?

Private products are those products that are hidden or password-protected for specific customers/visitors. It can be helpful when you need to sell unique products for limited customers only. For example, if you want to sell particular products to your subscribers, you need to make private products.     

How To Enable Private Product?

There are two ways to make WooCommerce private products using the Restriction Rules plugin.

  1. Hide the products
  2. Password protected products

1. Hide Product Rules

This rule allows you to hide the products for specific users. 

Step 1: Install and Activate the Woosuite Core Plugin

First of all, you have to download the Woosuite Core plugin into your device and upload it to your site by going to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload Plugin. Then choose a plugin and click Install Now.

After the installation is complete, activate the plugin to continue.

Step 2: Install Restriction Rules Plugin

Since we will be using the Restriction Rules plugin, we have to install it by going to Woosuite>>Add Ons. There you will find the Restriction Rules plugin and click Install Now.

After that, you need to turn ON the plugin. 

Step 3: Hide Product Rules

As we have successfully set up the required plugins, now it’s time to use the plugin. 

Go to Woosuite>>Restriction Rules and click on Hide Product Rules.

Step 4: Choose the Audience

You can choose the audiences for applying the rule. There are four available options:

  • Everyone: The rules will be applied to everyone who visits your website.
  • Guest: The rules will be applied to all non-registered users.
  • Specific Roles: This option lets you select the specific roles to apply the rules.
  • Specific Users: You can use this option to hide products from the specified users.

Step 5: Select the Products

Then you have to select the products. You can filter products by the following:

  • Categories: It allows you to choose categories to hide the products that are in those categories.
  • Tags: You can provide tags for hiding the products that contain mentioned tags.
  • Products: You can provide the name of products and hide those products.

Step 6: Save the Rules

At last, you need to save the rules to make changes to your website.

To verify the rule, go to your shop and view the Hoodies in categories.

2. Password Protected Rules

With this rule, you can lock the product with the password for specific users. You can find this option below Hide Product Rules.

Step 1: Choose the Audience

You need to choose the audience to whom the rules should apply. Similarly, there are four options available.

Step 2: Select the Products

Then you have to select the products. You can filter products by Categories, Tags, and Products.

After selecting products, you have to specify the products by their name. You can also specify multiple products.

Step 3: Add Password and Its Expiry Date

After that, add a password required for users to view the products on your website. Below the password field, you can set the expiry date of the password. 

Step 4: Add Password Setting

You can add the description text for the password form and submit button text in the Password Settings.

Step 5: Save the Changes

After that, click Save changes to apply the rule to your website.

Then visit your product page to verify the rule.


You can follow the above steps to hide the products easily using the Woosuite Core plugin. We hope we have helped you to learn something important today. 


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