5 Best WooCommerce Product Video Plugins

Adding a video is the best way to convert your visitors into loyal customers. According to a report by SaasScout, 84% bought the product after watching the product video. It also states that videos are more shareable and engaging as compared to other formats. Now, there is no reason to choose other forms over videos.

As an eCommerce store owner, it is important to add visuals of the product. A video gains customers’ trust on which we usually spend years. Not only that, Google loves videos, and we can’t miss them.

Most eCommerce store owners create their stores with the help of WooCommerce. Unfortunately, WooCommerce doesn’t come with a default feature to add video in the product gallery. But, this can be quickly done by WooCommerce product video plugins.

Today, I will be introducing the five best WooCommerce product video plugins. Furthermore, I will also be mentioning their features and pricing. So, pick the best product video plugin for your WooCommerce store. 

Benefits Of Adding A Product Video

Here are the benefits of adding a product video to your eCommerce store.

  1. A video helps you convert your visitors to customers. In simpler words, it increases the conversion and sales of your business.
  2. Google craves videos and images to show on SERP. So, add videos to your product page and gain more traffic. 
  3. For every eCommerce store, CTR is the most crucial factor. And, most websites strive to increase their CTR. You know what product videos help you improve that.
  4. Users will not buy your products unless you prove to them that you are trustworthy. And videos help you build that trust.
  5. A perfect video helps customers solve their doubts so that they can make the decision quickly.

Best WooCommerce Product Video Plugins

Here are the best WooCommerce product video plugins.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

Image Credit: Woosuite.com

It is a premium plugin that allows you to add a video to your product gallery. This not only allows you to add video, but you can also add images. It features a responsive and mobile-friendly user interface. This plugin works well on all electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs. It comes with an easy to use beginner-friendly user interface. Coming over to its advanced features, it lets you control the auto-play speed of the gallery images. 

Features Of WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugin

  1. This plugin has a feature to add video and images to the product gallery. 
  2. You can alter the height and width of the photos and videos with ease. 
  3. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images features an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly interface. 
  4. You can add videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and other popular platforms. 
  5. It lets you tweak minor settings like showing slider arrows, zoom-in through pictures, and more. 


WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin starts at $49, which is also available for a seven-day free trial.  

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ELEX WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery

ELEX WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery utilized the YouTube API key to automatically import your videos, whether that’s daily or from a specified time. What we love about this plug-in is that it allows you to create different playlists. With the help of the shortcode, you can strategically display them on your website.

It also has a WooCommerce integration which allows you to display a video at the start or the end of each product image gallery.

Features Of ELEX WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery

  1. Gallery customization options.
  2. You can add subscribe buttons within your gallery to increase your subscriber base.
  3. Fully responsive is that works great across all devices.


There’s a free version and paid starts at $79 per annum for a single website and updates for one year.  

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Product Video for WooCommerce

Image Credit: WooCommerce.com

Product Video for WooCommerce plugin enables you to add product videos most appealingly. With this plugin, you can embed videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. One of its best parts is, this plugin works smoothly on all product pages. Sometimes adding videos affects our website speed. Now, this plugin lets us embed videos without even hurting our website speed. Isn’t it amazing? This plugin offers a lot of customization features. You can adjust the width and height of the videos for product pages. Moreover, this plugin is compatible with all WordPress and WooCommerce products. 

Features Of Product Video for WooCommerce Plugin

  1. This plugin lets you insert videos from Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and much more. 
  2. It also allows users to play videos in pop-up mode and full-screen mode. 
  3. You can upload videos in various formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and many more. 
  4. It enables you to customize the thumbnail of the video. 
  5. Product Video for WooCommerce plugin offers a significant number of features for embedded & self-hosted videos.


Product Video for WooCommerce comes at $49 for one year. It includes one year of updates. Also, you get customer support for one year. You can ask your doubts by creating support tickets and reading their knowledge base. This license would be valid for one website only. 

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YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content

Image Credit: Yiththemes.com

YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content is a plugin developed for WooCommerce stores. It enables you to add audio and video on the product and shop pages. This plugin has a free version as well as a premium version. You can easily upload video and audio files and show them in the product gallery. This plugin allows you to add more than one video without any interruptions. It permits us to add videos from Vimeo, Youtube, and other video streaming platforms. You can even self-host video by adding it to your WordPress media.

Features Of YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content

  1. To make it look more attractive, you can customize the video layout from the dashboard.
  2. This plugin also offers an option to enable/disable the autoplay feature. 
  3. It allows you to add multiple audio and video files to the featured gallery. 
  4. YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content permits you to adjust the position of your featured video. 
  5. It is WPML compatible, so users can freely translate pages into their native languages. 


As this is a freemium plugin, you will find both free and paid versions. The free version is available on WordPress.org. In contrast, the premium variant comes at $59.99 for one year. 

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WooCommerce Product Featured Video

Image Credit: Codecanyon.net

WooCommerce Product Featured Video is another WooCommerce plugin to add featured video on the product page. It is a feature-packed plugin that comes with a user-friendly interface. With this plugin, you can display featured videos on the shop page and single product page. It also offers some premium customization features to make the product page more engaging. This plugin supports Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. You can also self-host videos by directly adding them to your eStore media. It also lets you show related Youtube videos.

Features Of WooCommerce Product Featured Video

  1. You can choose whether to play videos in a pop-up window or on full screen. 
  2. It lets you show videos on product pages as well as category pages. 
  3. You can also adjust the height and width of the video as per your requirements. 
  4. To make the page look more eye-catching, it offers customization features like changing the colours, text, and more. 
  5. This plugin also allows you to modify the autoplay settings. 


WooCommerce Product Featured Video plugin costs $45 per annum for a single website. Along with that, you will get six months of support. Furthermore, you will also get all updates for one year.  

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I have added a few more best WooCommerce product video plugins. Continue reading to find more WooCommerce product video gallery plugins.

WooCommerce Product Video Gallery

Image Credit: WordPress.org

WooCommerce Product Video Gallery is a freemium WordPress plugin to add videos to the product gallery. It has a lot of basic and advanced features which are available for free. Its highlighting part is, it lets you embed video along with images. The purpose of this plugin is to help you generate more sales and profits. It has loads of advanced features with an attractive interface. Moreover, this will work smoothly on all devices with different aspect ratios. With the help of this plugin, you can display both images and videos in a single gallery. 

Features Of WooCommerce Product Video Gallery Plugin

  1. It has the choice to choose whether to present media files in the horizontal direction or vertical direction. 
  2. You can also activate or deactivate the autoplay video feature. 
  3. This plugin permits you to enable or disable the arrow sliders. 
  4. It is compatible with popular website builders such as Divi Builder, Elementor Builder, and more. 


WooCommerce Product Video Gallery Plugin is a freemium plugin. The free version of this plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org’s plugin section. In contrast, the paid version starts at $25 for one year. 

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Are you ready to find the best WooCommerce product video plugins? Let’s head over to the final section and find out the product video plugins for our WooCommerce store. 

Who Wins The Best WooCommerce Product Video Plugin Battle?

Today, I introduced the five best WooCommerce product video plugins to you. As always, the list featured both free and paid plugins. Now, it’s time to find a suitable product video plugin for our WooCommerce store. No doubt, each plugin offers magnificent features. But, there would be only one plugin, who will win this ultimate battle. 

Amongst all of the five plugins, I will pick YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content plugin. There are a few powerful reasons behind this decision. Firstly, this plugin is also available for free. Another reason I liked this plugin is that we can add both audio and video to our product gallery. So, here is one of the biggest benefits of using this plugin. We will be able to do both things with a single plugin. 

In case you don’t want this audio feature or didn’t like this plugin. Then, you can look for the Product Video For WooCommerce plugin. It is another excellent plugin after the YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content plugin. It has exceptional features like customizing the thumbnail, changing the colors, and many more. 

So, these are the WooCommerce product video plugins. I hope you liked my selection of plugins. Let me know which plugin you are going to buy for your eCommerce store. 

That’s enough for this article. I will catch you in another informative article sharing resources about WordPress and WooCommerce. 


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