5 Best WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Table Plugins In 2023

Do you own a wholesale eCommerce site? Do you use the tiered pricing model on your eCommerce store? No! You are missing a lot of profits.

The tiered pricing model is one of the easiest ways to bring more buyers to your online store. It helps you increase the Average Order Value (AOV), which means more profits. This encourages customers to spend more money by buying goods at a discounted price.

Now, you might also want to try this tiered pricing model for your online store. We can implement this pricing model with the help of tiered pricing table plugins. You don’t need to do dozens of searches to do that. I have got you covered.

Today, I am introducing the five best WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugins. Along with that, I will be mentioning their features and cost. Thus, it will be easier to make a decision. Now, pick the best-tiered pricing table plugin for your WooCommerce store.

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What Is Tiered Pricing For WooCommerce?

Tiered pricing is a pricing model in which the total cost reduces as the buyer completes each tier. Wholesale sellers widely use this pricing model to increase their profits. In simpler words, it is one of the best ways to attract more shoppers and make gains. 

The tiered pricing model helps buyers save money, and sellers make more profit by selling in bulk. In this model, the discount increases as the customer buy more. Let’s understand this with an illustration. 

Suppose you are selling apparel in your eCommerce store. You have created four different tiers. 

Tier 1: 1-20 units = $15. 

Tier 2: 21-50 units = $10.

Tier 3: 51-75 units= $8.5. 

Tier 4: =76+ units = $7.

Now, if a buyer places an order for 65 units, the cost breakdown would look like this: (20 x $15) + (30 x $10) + (15 x $8.5) = $727.5.  

Benefits Of Tiered Pricing For WooCommerce

Here are the benefits of using the tiered pricing model. 

  1. It encourages customers to buy more and save more. 
  2. This will increase the profit of each product unit. 
  3. Customers will be likely to buy regularly from your eStore. 
  4. You can offer more choices, options to generate more revenue. 

Best WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Table Plugins

Here are the best WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugins. 

Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Image Credit: Woosuite.com

This plugin lets you assign prices based on different quantities. To set up this plugin, you don’t need any coding knowledge. You can easily set individual pricing for diverse quantity ranges in a few seconds. The product page will display the pricing table containing the quantity ranges with the price per unit. 

As the customer selects the quantity, the price will also change in real-time. This plugin also features role-based pricing. In role-based pricing, you can assign a special price to a particular user. One of its best features is, that you can create different pricing rules for each product. It is compatible with almost all popular WordPress themes.  

It is an advanced discount pricing plugin for WooCommerce stores. This plugin lets you assign discounts on a single product as well as globally. You can set up concessions on users’ membership, cart orders, products, users, and more. It also features pre-made templates to customize the pricing table. So, you don’t need to make extra efforts on customization. 

You can also set the least and most order quantity. If the user doesn’t meet the mentioned quantity, he/she won’t be able to add products to the cart. With this plugin, you can also give pricing to different customers. You can decide this by observing their order history and amount. 

Features Of Advanced Pricing & Discount Rules Plugin

  1. It lets you show the pricing table on product pages of your choice. 
  2. This plugin has an auto-apply feature, which changes the price concurrently. 
  3. You can change the pricing table position according to your design preferences. 
  4. Tiered Pricing for WooCommerce plugin allows you to display the discounted amount in flat value and percentage value. 
  5. It permits you to assign discounts on categories, user groups, cart orders, and more. 
  6. Advanced Pricing & Discount Rules plugin lets you set the minimum and maximum order quantity. 
  7. You can upsell products by creating BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers.
  8. This plugin has ready templates to cut the design process. 
  9. Advanced Pricing & Discount Rules plugin allows you to create catalogues in a matter of seconds with all necessary information. 


Dynamic  Pricing & Discount Rules plugin starts at $99 per annum. Along with that, you will get one year of updates and customer support at no cost. If you don’t find the plugin helpful, you can request the money back in under 30 days.

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ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin

Image Credit: Elextensions.com

ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is a tiered pricing plugin that helps boost your eCommerce store’s sales. It is one of my favorite dynamic pricing plugins out there. It lets you create tiered pricing for WooCommerce products with ease. This plugin offers a load of valuable features for WooCommerce stores. 

You can create discounts on categories, products, carts, and more. Moreover, it also offers role-based pricing, which allows you to assign a specific price to a particular user. It lets you appealingly display the tiered pricing table with its customization features. One of its unique features is, you can assign discounts on different shipping and payment methods. This will encourage buyers to shop more.

Features Of ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin

  1. ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin allow you to set up discounts on categories, products, and carts.
  2. You can set varied prices for different combinations of products. 
  3. It also lets you create discounts based on shipping and payment methods
  4. This plugin has a ‘Buy One Get One’ (BOGO) feature. It means you can set purchasing rules; if a buyer purchases this amount of product, he/she will get one product free. 
  5. It enables you to set a maximum discount on a particular product. 
  6. You can offer based on the number of products added to the cart.
  7. ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount plugin is compatible with most WooCommerce plugins and popular themes. 


ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin cost $79 for a single site. If you need it for up to 5 websites, it will cost $119. In addition, it will be valid for one year. In this pricing, you also get all future updates and customer support for one year. 

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Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro

Image Credit: Flycart.com

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a premium plugin that lets you add tiered pricing tables to your WooCommerce store. It offers up to 20+ discount rules. With this plugin, you can set up discount rules on individual products, combo products, buy history, and much more. It grants you to assign discounts in percentage and fixed price. This plugin comes with advanced formatting features to design for a better interface. 

You can also exclude sale products from discount rules. It also displays an attractive sale badge to attract more users. You can assign discounts to all products in the store within a few clicks.

Features Of Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin

  1. It lets you set up the validity of the discount assigned to the product.
  2. It enables you to display the discounting table on the product page.  
  3. This plugin shows a ‘You Saved’ message to push buyers to take action. 
  4. It features up to 20+ discount rules, including fixed order discount and next order discount. 
  5. Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin enables you to modify the layout of the pricing table. 


Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin. It arrives at $49 for one year. The license would be valid for a single eStore. To try out its features, you can either visit the demo page or download its free version. The free version is available on the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

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Have you chosen the best-tiered pricing table plugins for WooCommerce? If yes, good to hear that. Still, you should read ahead to know more WooCommerce pricing table plugins.  

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

Image Credit: Codecanyon.net

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing empowers traders to show discounts on products more effectively. You can display the tiered pricing table on the product pages. It also offers you the option to apply discounts on a product, categories, and globally. 

It also lets you display the discount before the add to cart button and after the add to cart button. This plugin supports both simple and variable products. Moreover, the prices change as the quality of the product changes. 

Features Of WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Plugin

  1. You can provide discounts on products based on the total quantity. 
  2. It demonstrates the pricing table on product pages. 
  3. You can configure the maximum and minimum order quantity. 
  4. This plugin lets you display the pricing table before and after the add to cart button. 
  5. WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Plugin supports simple as well as variable products. 


WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Plugin arrives at $39 for one year. Moreover, developers also promise future updates and support for six months. 

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We have reviewed the best WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugins. Now, we will find the best-tiered pricing table plugin for our WooCommerce stores.

Which Is The WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Table Plugins In 2021?

Let’s find the best-tiered pricing plugin out of all of them. We have looked at each plugin with its features and cost. All plugins have advanced features under effective pricing. Now, we have to find the best out of all.

I will pick the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin (Premium Version) for my eCommerce store. This plugin lets us add a tiered pricing table on our WooCommerce store product pages. It offers more than 20+ discount rules. When it comes to customization features, it provides advanced formatting features. We can change the table color and adjust it according to our theme.  So, I will go with Discount Rules for the WooCommerce plugin.

Now, let’s say I don’t want to invest money in these plugins. Then, I will go with the free plugin. And, it would be Discount Rules for the WooCommerce plugin (Free Version). The free version also offers a lot of unique features but has some restrictions as well.

This concludes our discussion. We have finally picked the best-tiered pricing table plugins for our WooCommerce store.

That’s enough for this article. We hope you liked these WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugins. I will see you in another informative article on WordPress and WooCommerce.


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