5 Best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins in 2023

Looking for a plugin that lets your customers choose the delivery date for products they’ve purchased from your WooCommerce store?

If yes, check out the WooCommerce delivery date plugins that will do justice to your requirement.

We’ve selected a list of the 5 best WooCommerce delivery date plugins that offer your customers an option to choose a delivery time or date while placing an order from your WooCommerce store.

They might want to choose the time they want to get the ordered items delivered at their door, or might want to change the shipment date later, and choose which courier to use for delivery.

Therefore, to handle all such problems, WooCommerce delivery date plugins come to your rescue! 馃槈

It’s one of the significant factors in making purchase decisions and may have a vast impact on the conversion rate of a WooCommerce store.

So, let’s get started and check out the 5 best WooCommerce delivery date plugins you can use for your WooCommerce websites.

5 Best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of useful plugins that will assist you in providing your clients with the best delivery options. Remember that if you want to increase the number of visits to your WooCommerce site, you should devise a plan that involves offering your clients discounts upon checkout.

If you plan to add discount offers to your WooCommerce store, check our blog post on the top 5 WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugins.

1. YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date

This is the best time to sell your stuff! Many customers don’t purchase the item they want because they are not at home, are frequently at work, and don’t want to get it at that precise time, so they postpone the purchase and eventually stop buying.

You’ll have a lot fewer sales as a result of this! But with the YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin, you can reconnect with this large segment of your customer base by allowing them to choose when they want to receive the item they bought, on which day, at what time and via which courier.

Not only this, but the store owner is also free to create a delivery calendar displaying the days available and select a minimum shipping time frame.

This plugin is perfect for regaining lost consumers and creating dedicated services such as gift and product delivery to clients’ homes.

Besides getting a clear overview of the estimated number of days left before an item is received, your customers can now select when they will receive the items they ordered, modify the delivery date later, and determine which courier they prefer to employ.

Admins will have access to various valuable features tailored to your shipping and delivery business, including the ability to establish a minimum length of time to cover any needed preparation time.

YITH Delivery Date is a plugin that will transform the way you conduct your vendor-customer connection and will help you in setting up a reliable shipping and delivery system that will help you grow your business.


路       Enter the days of the week when the orders will be processed and dispatched.

路       Set the maximum number of days it will take for a carrier to deliver the products.

路       For each weekday, specify the time limit for the order to be processed and sent.

路       Allow the plugin to use “Quantity Table” mode.

路       Create different tables by-product and categories.

路       Create a taxable label for the time slot fee.

路       Create and display a message to the carrier and the consumer with the delivery date for a single product.


The subscription to the YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin will cost you $99.99/year with 1 year of regular updates, support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Delivery times matter when it comes to shopping online. If your online shop provides local delivery or in-store pickup, it’s critical to give customers the choice of selecting an order date and time frame.

You can ensure that your business or restaurant is never over-booked and that orders arrive on time. All this can be achieved using the Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin.

Your customers will be pleased as they know when to expect their order to arrive, and your employees will be happy since you will provide it without exceeding capacity.

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots prevent overloading of your store by limiting the number of orders per day and time slot.

Moreover, it also helps the customers set up flexible delivery and pickup times to know when they may expect their order to arrive.

Other features include the ASAP delivery option, time slot fees, delivery date fees, etc.


路       Option to choose the scheduled date for delivery or pickup at the checkout.

路       Allow customers to select a suitable period for their order, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

路       Allow clients to schedule a delivery time before they begin shopping.

路       Tailor the reservation table according to your website’s needs.

路       Set order limitations based on the weekday and time slot.

路       View all of your upcoming deliveries in one simple, sortable table.

路       Charge additional costs based on the day of the week or time slot.

路       Customers may choose the best day and time for their purchase based on the shipment or pickup option.

路       Prevent accepting orders on holidays or when the store is closed.


The subscription to WooCommerce Delivery Slots by Iconic will cost you:

路       $129/year for 1 site license and $389 for lifetime access.

路       $259/year for 3 sites license and $779 for lifetime access.

路       $799/year for 30 sites license and $2,399 for lifetime access.

Plus offers a 14-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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3. WooCommerce Order Delivery Date

WooCommerce Order Delivery Date is a plugin that allows your customers to see the estimated delivery date and pick a delivery date based on their availability on the checkout page. Offering these shipping alternatives can improve your store’s overall experience and conversion rate.

You may modify and manage the expected delivery time with this plugin and display the days when you don’t deliver items.

The WooCommerce order delivery date plugin also allows you to limit the number of deliveries and orders placed each day. You can get additional customization capabilities by upgrading to Order Delivery Date pro, a paid version.

The best part is you can choose a minimum delivery time in hours. The delivery date field on the checkout page may be marked mandatory using the mandatory field setting.

You can also mark the dates as holidays you don’t deliver, thanks to the inbuilt calendar. You may also turn off delivery for featured and virtual items.

Ultimately, if you want to convince your customer to purchase products from your WooCommerce store, then you need to show options to pick the estimated delivery time on the checkout page.


路       Allows customers to pick a delivery date and time for their orders on the checkout page.

路       You can turn off the option to distribute items on weekdays.

路       The minimum delivery time can be specified in hours.

路       On the checkout page, you may make the delivery date and time entries obligatory.

路       Set a daily limit on the number of deliveries/orders that can be placed.

路       Admin may establish delivery time slots for specified delivery dates as well as delivery days.

路       Customers have the option of receiving delivery “as soon as possible.”

路       Options to disable delivery for featured and virtual goods.

路       You can set delivery date field labels as per the business requirements.


The subscription to Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin will cost you:

路       $99 for a single-store

路       $199 for 5 stores

路       $249 for unlimited stores

A free version is also available.

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4. Delivery & Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time is a plugin that allows you to select a delivery or pickup time and date during the order checkout process.

If desired, the admin (store owner) can create a list of pickup locations for consumers, and any client can pick up their purchase items from one of these locations.

Customers can also use the plugin to provide additional instructions for their orders. The store owner can also edit the delivery/pickup date and time from the individual order page. If necessary, the store administrator can modify the delivery date and time and notify the user through email.

It’s simple to set up the plugin, so you won’t have to go through much trouble.

Other settings of this plugin allow the store owner to change background color, loading animation, specify a fee for a particular weekday, etc.

Overall, it’s a perfect plugin for store owners looking to facilitate the option of selecting delivery or pickup date and time at the order checkout page.


路       Allow customers to choose between home delivery and self-pickup.

路       Features a hidden plugin module for a particular shipping method. It helps send packages by local courier or postal service.

路       Delivery and pickup are automatically activated or disabled dependent on WooCommerce Shipping.

路       Based on the delivery/pickup option, WooCommerce shipping methods are automatically adjusted.

路       In the calendar view, you can see the product quantity or delivery/pickup information.

路       You may define individual off days for delivery and pickup so that customers can’t choose those days for delivery.

路       Defines the time it takes for cafes and restaurants to process their products.

路       Can off a weekday as delivery or pick up for a specific product, category, postcode, shipping zone, or state.


The subscription to Delivery & Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce plugin will cost you:

路       $50/year for 1 website and $130 for lifetime access.

路       $110/year for 3 websites and $260 for lifetime access.

路       $160/year for 5 websites and $400 for lifetime access.

路       $260/year for 10 websites and $550 for lifetime access.

路       $400/year for 25 websites and $650 for lifetime access.

A free version is also available.

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5. WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugin

The WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugin is the simplest way to estimate how long it will take for a product to arrive.

Before making an online purchase, a customer constantly searches for an estimated delivery date for his product. It is one of the most important considerations while making a purchase decision.

As a shop owner, you don’t want to lose a consumer because this information isn’t available on your website. This is exactly what our Estimated Delivery Date plugin will do for you.

This plugin displays the expected delivery date on the checkout page, shop page, product page, and cart page seamlessly.

The most exciting feature of this plugin is the range of rules used in combination to create WooCommerce delivery date estimates.

Hence, with the WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date plugin, you can specify a specific number of days for different items to be delivered.


路       Option to display the estimated delivery date on the WooCommerce cart page.

路       Determine expected delivery dates for various items.

路       Using WooCommerce multiple shipping methods and shipping zones, you can define specific delivery days for distinct regions and shipping methods.

路       Provides an easy-to-create holiday list that will be utilized to calculate precise delivery dates.

路       Displays delivery estimates on the product page, shop page, cart page, mini cart widget, and checkout page (per order/pre-product).

路       Set WooCommerce delivery date based on shipping methods, shipping zones, and shipping classes.

路       It works well with WooCommerce and provides correct delivery dates on your website.


The subscription to WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugin will cost you:

路       $69 for a single site

路       $99 for 5 sites

路       $199 for 25 sites

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We hope that this list of our 5 best WooCommerce delivery date plugins will assist you in adding sophisticated features to your website.

These plugins offer additional significance to your WooCommerce store. It also helps you to provide better customer service by providing them with an estimated delivery date and time. As a consequence, you’ll get more consumers while also profiting.

So, to help you out, we would like to recommend 2 plugins based on their ease of use, functionalities, pricing, flexibility, and suitability for both start-ups and professionals:

路       YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date

路       Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

These are our personal recommendations. So, choose a plugin that best suits and fits your requirements.

Please try and give it a try and let us know what you think!


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