5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty Points Plugins

It is more cost-effective to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. You should provide a consistent user experience and keep customers interested in your products. A good strategy to build long-term customer relationships will be to offer a points and rewards system in your store. 

In this article, I’ll share some of the best WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards plugins with their features, which you can use in your store to engage customers and increase your LTV.

But first, let’s see the benefits of using wooCommerce loyalty-based plugins.

Benefits of Using Loyalty points plugins for your WooCommerce store

Here are the key benefits of using WooCommerce points and rewards plugin to launch a loyalty program for your store:

  • With the loyalty rewards plugin at your WooCommerce Store, you can improve sales, ROI, conversion rate, Customer Lifetime Value(CLV), and referral marketing scope.
  • Loyalty points and rewards for WooCommerce help you increase repeat sales.
  • A WooCommerce rewards plugin allows you to build a loyal customer base.
  • Increase the brand value and boost Word-of-Mouth sales using the WordPress rewards plugin.
  • WooCommerce reward points program can improve customer conversion rate.
  • A loyalty program helps a business boost its customer retention rate.
  • The best WooCommerce points and rewards system keeps you ahead of the competition.

Best Loyalty Points Plugins

Following is the list of the best Loyalty Points Plugins you can use in your WooCommerce store to increase your loyal customers. 

1. WooCommerce Points and Rewards

A reward system on your site can help a lot in maintaining continuous engagement with your customers. This plugin helps you reward your customers for purchases as well as other actions that you want them to take in your store. 

It allows you to set up a systematic approach to grant points based on different criteria relevant to your store. While using this plugin, you will have complete control over the reward system by setting limits to the allocation of points and associated discounts. 

You can also allot points globally across your entire product range or only to the purchase of specific products or categories, giving you great scope to set up criteria for reward points.

One of the features of this plugin that I particularly like is the ability to set limits to the maximum discount value at a product, category, or cart level, which gives the freedom for you to add or remove limits at your desired rate. This plugin also offers extensive customization options to personalize your reward system and also to communicate with customers.


  • Easy to create a reward system by defining points for purchases.
  • Set limits to the maximum discount value at a product, category, or cart level.
  • Simple settings for customers to manage their points balance.
  • Store owners can easily access the points changes made by individual customers.
  • Customers get a chance to earn points on signups and can convert the points.
  • The merchant can also build a separate loyalty program for their customers.


A single site subscription to this plugin will cost you $129.

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2. YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

With this plugin, customers can collect a certain number of points to redeem them for coupons or discounts on your store during future purchases. It will be a great way to encourage customers to purchase regularly from your store.

This plugin offers a lot of options to personalize your points and rewards system. It even helps you set up instant rewards when a customer makes the first purchase as well. 

One of the key features of this plugin is the ability to set up a point system for specific products or categories. Moreover, the plugin offers a great interface to help both customers and store owners to manage the points system.


  • Supports all WooCommerce products, including variable products.
  • Set up a customize point system for specific products or categories.
  • Shop managers will be able to modify the points balance of customers manually.
  • It can display point information (such as how many points will be earned) on a product, cart, and checkout page.
  • Option to redeem points for free shipping offer.
  • Simple interface for customers to view and manage their points.
  • Support for multiple currencies.


A single site subscription to this plugin will cost you $89.99.

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3. Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin

Using this plugin, you can engage customers better on your WooCommerce store with loyalty rewards and referral programs. A crucial aspect of this plugin is the referral program, with which you can reward your customers with points using the referral program when they refer your product or store to their friends and family. 

This loyalty plugin comes with several features to boost customer retention and engagement. Customers can earn rewards in various forms like Points, Free products/gifts, Fixed or Percentage discounts, Free shipping, Instant coupons, and bonus rewards.

The Launcher Widget is one of this plugin’s most interesting and unique features that I like. Using this feature, you can reveal the discounts you offer in your store in a chat popup like a widget which can convert those visitors into customers by seeing the discount they can get if they signup for your store. Hence, this plugin can effortlessly convert potential leads into customers or subscribers.


  • The launcher widget showcases the rewards awarded for signing up.
  • Current reward points can be viewed effortlessly using the launcher widget.
  • Shoppers can easily locate, earn and redeem the points offered.
  • Instant notification when products are added to the cart.
  • Points earned can be renamed with custom names.
  • Points can be rewarded inclusive/exclusive of taxes.
  • Customized referral URL for each customer. 
  • Engage with your customers instantly.
  • Total points awarded and total points redeemed will be displayed in a dynamic dashboard.


Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin price starts at $99 a year.

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4. Sumo Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

It is one of the popular options among WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins that will give you extensive options to create a unique loyalty program on your store. This plugin supports different product types, including subscription points. 

You will be able to assign reward points to customers for purchases, write reviews, share your products on social media, referrals, and even signing up to your store. Customers can redeem the reward points they earn for discounts on future purchases. 

Moreover, it offers a simple user interface that will let you set up conversion rates for earning as well as redeeming points. You can also set higher limits for points redemption so that the reward program will not affect your profitability.

Encashing reward points is another great feature of this plugin that encourages customer interest and loyalty to your WooCommerce store.


  • Helps to create an efficient reward system on your WooCommerce store to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Set reward points for all products in your catalog or only for specific ones or categories.
  • Allow customers to redeem points for cash or transfer them to other customers.
  • Set minimum and maximum limits for points redemption.
  • Complete Reward Points System.
  • Built on Top over WooCommerce.
  • Reward Points for Product Purchase, Signup, Writing Reviews, Referrals, Coupon Codes, Blog Post, etc.
  • Encashing Reward Points.
  • Members can Send Points after sordid Members.


The regular license of this plugin is available at $49.

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5. WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards

The WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards is an all-around points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce that increases your customer retention and skyrockets your conversion rates. This points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce lets you loyalize your customers by rewarding them with loyalty points.

The loyalty points received as customer rewards are redeemable by offering coupons, discounts on purchases, or other loyalty rewards. 

This plugin also allows you to create multi-tiered membership levels to create different discount rates for redemption points. Not only that, the points are redeemable to attain the loyalty membership too and become a part of the brand’s loyal members community.

One of my favorite features of this plugin is that the customers can share their points with other customers, which will help you retain existing customers while attracting new customers.


  • Customers can redeem points by using them for partial payments for future orders.
  • Easy configuration options to set conversion rate for points allotment and redemption.
  • Supports variable products so that you can also assign points for purchasing individual variations.
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Complete integration with WooCommerce.
  • Customers will be able to share their points with other customers.
  • Reward Points execute engage at Product Level, Category Level yet Global Level
  • Lets you build your own community of loyal customers.
  • Store credits redemption.
  • And a lot more.


The plugin costs $39 for a regular license.

Learn more.

Wrapping Up

I have shown you some of the best loyalty points and rewards plugins that are the best in the market with their features and pricing. So, which one would you choose to increase your customer retention and repeat purchases?

If you ask for my suggestion, I recommend using the Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin because it is incredibly flexible to reward your customers for every action at your WooCommerce store with unlimited loyalty campaigns and rewards and more. 

I hope this article helped you choose the best loyalty points and rewards plugins for your wooCommerce store.


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