Top 5 Retargeting Statistics You Should Know [2023]

Today, I will share the top five retargeting statistics with you in this article. We have picked the most useful remarketing statistics among the list of hundreds. These top five retargeting statistics can help you in your research work. 

Here are the five key statistics about retargeting:

  1. Retargeting can reduce cart abandonment by 6.5%
  2. Remarketing has reportedly improved trademark searches by 1,046%.
  3. 97% of first-time visitors exit the website without making a purchase. 
  4. Users are likely to convert by 43%by using retargeting methods.
  5. 70% of marketers use retargeting mainly to increase their brand awareness.

These are the five key stats about retargeting. Read the following section to get a brief overview of each remarketing-related statistic. 

Top Five Retargeting Statistics

Here are the top five retargeting statistics 

1. Retargeting Can Reduce the Cart Abandonment Rate by 6.5%.


According to a report by, retargeting can easily reduce cart abandonment by 6.5%. Remarketing can also increase online sales by 20%. As per the same report by, the average cart abandonment rate per device is around 77.24% worldwide. In contrast, 27% of the retail industry uses retargeting methods to retarget visitors. 

2. Remarketing Has Reportedly Increased Trademark Searches by 1,046%.


As per a detailed study by, remarketing has reportedly increased trademark searches by 1,046%. They analyzed over 103 advertisement campaigns from 39 different third-party advertisers across seven industries. 

Remarketing is one of the most effective advertisement placement strategies compared to audience targeting, with a 514% efficiency rate. While contextual targeting has an average efficiency rate of 130%. 

3. 97% of First-Time Visitors Exit the Website Without Making a Purchase.


According to Business Insider’s Intelligence Business, 97% of first-time visitors exit the website without making a purchase. They stated that new visitors always have a higher bounce rate. They leave without taking any action. 

4. Users Are Likely to Convert by 43% by Using Retargeting Methods.


According to a report by, users are likely to convert more by 43% across multiple devices using remarketing methods. They observed an uplift of 30% in mobile and 121% in desktop.

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5. 70 of Marketers Use Retargeting Mainly To Increase Their Brand Awareness.


A survey by states that 70 of marketers use retargeting mainly to increase their brand awareness. The report states that brand awareness is the primary objective of B2B and B2C brands. After that, they use retargeting methods for social engagement (62%) and driving sales.



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