5 Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics (2023)

Shopping cart abandonment has become a significant issue for eCommerce store owners.  The shopping cart abandonment rate has increased tremendously in the past few years, and it is currently reported at 69.82%. 

Today, I’ll share some of the top shopping cart abandonment statistics in this article. These mentioned statistics will help you in your research. I have found the 5 useful and most interesting shopping cart abandonment statistics out of a list of hundreds. 

Here are the key stats about shopping cart abandonment:

  1. 69.82% of shopping carts are abandoned in 2021. 
  2. 18% of the shopping cart abandonment happened because shoppers didn’t trust the eCommerce website with their credit card information. 
  3. $260 billion worth of orders was lost in the shopping cart abandonment. And they can be recovered by simply improving checkout designs and flow.
  4. 49% of the shoppers didn’t complete the purchase because of the extra costs, like shipping, taxes, fees, etc. 
  5. 22% of the shoppers didn’t buy the products after adding them to the cart because the delivery speed was slow

These are some of the key stats of shopping cart abandonment. We have already discussed a bit about this topic. Let’s read in detail about these statistics. Follow the given heading to take a look at these stats in detail. 

5 Interesting Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics 

Here are the 5 interesting shopping cart abandonment statistics. 

The Average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Was Around 69.82% in 2021.

(Source: Baymard.com, Brilliance.com)

According to the latest report by Baymard.com, the shopping cart abandonment rate was around 69.82% in 2021. This percentage is applicable across all industries. The rate mentioned above states that seven out of ten shoppers leave their carts as it is after adding the products. 

According to a report by Brilliance, they had recorded a 77.24% of cart abandonment rate in 2016. Then, it rose by a bit to 78.65% in 2017. Both studies indicate that the cart abandonment rate is constantly increasing with time. 

Researchers have found various reasons behind the high shopping cart abandonment rate, such as lousy UI, slow delivery speed, trust issues with the websites, etc. The reports also stated that some users were just browsing the online stores. Their intent wasn’t to buy the products.

18% of the Shopping Cart Abandonment Happened Because Shoppers Didn’t Trust the eCommerce Website With Their Credit Card Information.

(Source: Baymard.com, Statista.com)

A study by independent research institute Baymard states that 18% of the shopping cart abandonment was caused due to trust issues with the eCommerce website with their credit card information.

Statista reports that almost 1.4 million people in the US have been victims of identity theft. That’s why 18% of shoppers abandoned their shopping carts. 

$260 Billion Worth of Orders Were Lost in the Shopping Cart Abandonment. 

(Source: Baymard.com)

An excellent user interface plays a huge role in the success of any website or application. Yet, a bad UI can hamper the website’s performance and revenue. And a report by Baymard.com also states the same. 

According to Baymard.com, until now, the eCommerce industry has lost orders worth $260 billion because of bad checkout design and flow. In addition, they also stated that the amount could be recovered by simply improving the UI and the checkout flow. This emphasizes the importance of one’s user interface.

A better user interface can increase their eCommerce store’s conversion rate by 35.26%. Besides this, the report also states that 17% of the shoppers abandoned their cart due to the complicated or long checkout process, which is also a sign of bad UI. 

49% of the Shoppers Didn’t Complete the Purchase Because of the Extra Costs, Like Shipping, Taxes, Fees, etc.

(Source: Baymard.com)

According to the latest report by Baymard.com, 48% of the shoppers didn’t complete the purchase due to the extra costs on the total order amount, such as shipping, taxes, etc. This states that adding extra fees to the shopping cart can prevent buyers from completing the purchase. 

Image Credit: Baymard.com

22% of the Shoppers Didn’t Buy the Products After Adding Them to the Cart Because the Delivery Speed Was Slow.

(Source: Baymard.com)

According to the latest research by Baymard.com, 22% of the shoppers didn’t buy the products after adding them to the cart because the delivery speed was slow. This shows how important it is to offer faster shipping to your customers







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