Best WooCommerce Checkout Designs

Online store owners must streamline the checkout process to the greatest extent possible. If customers abandon the cart during the checkout process, it’s most likely because your checkout page has not been optimized correctly.

Most online store owners overlook their checkout pages since they focus on adding new products to their business and improving their product pages. However, developing and tweaking the checkout page is crucial if you want to increase your conversion rate.

It is the last step to completing the buying process. Customers submit their information on the checkout page, which significantly impacts how customers feel about purchasing on your website.

So In today’s article, I’ll share some of the best WooCommerce checkout designs that will inspire you and help you design your checkout page to improve sales and reduce the cart abandon rate. 

How to Ensure the Best Checkout Experience for Customers?

Following some best practices, you can expertly design a checkout process that motivates customers to finish their orders.  

Following are the three things that you should take into consideration to give your customers an excellent checkout experience

1. Keep it Simple

Make sure that your checkout page is simple. Try to get rid of any unneeded content from your checkout page.

Your objective should be to guide customers through the checkout process without interruptions. Removing the header and footer is critical because it removes the navigation bar, social media links, and other distractions that may cause customers to return.

You can follow this tutorial to create a converting checkout page

2. Allow Customers to Place orders as Guest

They are allowing users to order without logging in or signing up increases your store’s overall conversion rate. Fewer forms equal less friction. 

It means you can increase sales with the same number of website visitors. And the user experience improves immediately.

3. Make a large and bold CTA

Create a prominent, brightly colored call-to-action that tells visitors what will happen if they click on it. Make the button informative. Make it lovely. Also, don’t play with the placement. It should be at the very bottom of the form.

One tip I’d like to share is the faded-out CTA trick many websites use nowadays. Customers are aware that it is faded out due to an incomplete form.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the examples of the best WooCommerce checkout designs. 

Best WooCommerce Checkout Designs

Following are the best WooCommerce checkout designs with their features. You can use these to get inspiration and design your own best WooCommerce checkout design.

1. Orange Amps

The checkout page for Orange Amps is an excellent example of a successful checkout page. Even though you can’t buy amps from the Orange Amps website, you can buy branded goods and pay for music classes there.

The last conversion procedure is nicely streamlined on this checkout page. It’s also a fantastic illustration of a business that outsourced payment processing to a reliable third party (either PayPal or Sage). 

If your website is brand new and you want to make it easier for customers to pay for services or products, it is wise to enhance their trust in known payment providers.


  • Customers can either log in or fill out the form as a guest.
  • An account creation request occurs after completing the form (which makes sense because it’s just a matter of creating a password to save the information).
  • Form fields are logically organized and simple to navigate.
  • If the shipping information is the same as the billing information, there is no need to retype it.
  • Payment methods include logos that are easily recognized and trusted.

2. Printing New York

Printing New York is another great example of a simple and straightforward checkout page that converts. They use a one-page checkout with simple form fields with the card and PayPal payment methods

They also allow guest checkouts, so even if a user is not logged in or visiting the site for the first time, they can quickly fill out the simple checkout form and payment details to purchase the products. 

One eye-catching thing is that they use a clear CTA with bold colors. Also, the header menu and icons are not visible on the checkout page, lowering the distraction, and users can focus on completing the purchase. 


  • One-Page Checkout
  • Simple Checkout Page
  • Low Distractions
  • Clear CTA
  • Live chat option

3. Wool Couture 

The Wool Couture’s checkout page includes all the vital elements a great checkout page should have. They have completely removed the distractions from the checkout page so that users focus on completing the purchase.

They have a simple 2-step checkout process. Users can select the delivery method and enter their shipping address in the first step.

Users can complete the purchase using the express checkouts mentioned clearly at the top of the checkout page. In the 2nd step, users can select the shipping method. 


  • No distractions
  • Simple checkout process

4. Little Giants 

Little Giant’s checkout page is the next on this list. Their checkout page gives a very minimal look. They have a 2-step checkout page just like the one we discussed previously. 

If you notice that they do not have a header and footers on the checkout page, they have a very clear, simple address form and express checkout logos. 

If a user already has an account on the site, they are given an option to log in to their account and complete the purchasing process. 

Overall they have a very nice and streamlined checkout process that increases the user’s experience and helps to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 


  • The Amazon payment method.
  • The direct question of whether they can send promotional emails to customers.
  • There are no distractions such as a header, footer menu, or social links.

5. Big Chill

The Big Chill appliance store’s checkout page is also a great example of getting inspired. They offer a very smooth checkout experience to their customers. 

To gain more trust, they use the previous customers’ testimonials. They also have hidden the header to avoid any distractions. 

The 2-step checkout process does a fantastic job setting expectations with customers right from the start.

Also, the customers won’t have trouble reading the form’s descriptive labeling because everything is formatted with wide fields and types.


  • No distractions.
  • Previous customer testimonials are used. 
  • 2-step checkout
  • Wide and clear fields.


That’s it for today’s tutorial. I hope you are inspired by these examples and learn about the essential things of a good converting checkout page

You can use the AIO Checkout plugin to create simple and converting checkout forms with a clear call to action. 

If you have any queries, you can comment them down below. I would love to answer all your queries. 


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