How to Automate the Wholesale Business?

So In today’s article, I’ll share some points to automate your wholesale business. I’ll share the tasks you can automate to automate your wholesale business and focus on marketing and getting more sales. 

That’s where automating the wholesale business comes in!

You and your team are empowered to sell more products and satisfy your clients by automating the repetitive tasks of an eCommerce business.

What is Automating the Wholesale Business?

Automating the wholesale business means converting the manual tasks into automated workflows with the help of extensions/plugins. 

These workflows can send internal or external emails and notifications, perform actions, give customers automatic pricing, and much more. 

You can set multiple conditions that must be true for the workflow to run to ensure that everything works perfectly.

Although automation saves you time, it does not imply that you should fire your employees — or yourself. Instead, it frees up your team’s time for your industry’s essential customer interactions, creativity, and big-picture thinking.

Here’s a list of steps to automate the wholesale business to get started. 

1. Automate the Wholesale Registration and Onboarding

To automate the wholesale business, the first thing you need to do is to automate your wholesale registration and onboarding process. 

You can automate this by creating a wholesale registration form. You can create different forms based on the user roles

It will allow you to register the wholesalers on your site. You can automatically approve the user registrations for the wholesale user role, so you won’t have to support them manually.

You can use the User Registration for WooCommerce to automate the wholesale registrations and onboarding.

2. Create Bulk Order Form to Allow 24 hrs Ordering

The next step is to create bulk order form so that the customers can order at their time of ease. If you want your WooCommerce store to succeed, you must design it with your specific customers’ needs in mind. Shops that sell items in large quantities may require something more than a standard layout.

These businesses can benefit from making the ordering process more efficient and faster. Fortunately, this is simple to accomplish by creating a WooCommerce bulk order form. This feature allows your customers to purchase everything they require on a single page and add it to their cart with a click.

3. Create Tier Pricing to Encourage Bulk Ordering

Tiered pricing is one of the most effective strategies for increasing sales in your store. It’s a great way to boost your store’s revenue and encourage customers to order in bulk.

When using tiered pricing, a customer is encouraged to add more items to his cart to improve his tier level and thus gain more benefits and savings.

Tiered pricing requires a minimum order quantity before going to the next tier. It will motivate the users to order in bulk to get more discounts

4. Enable the Request For a Quote System

Many businesses use the request a quote form to allow visitors to request quotes for their services. The standard “Add to Cart” option will not work if you are dealing with products that would enable extensive customization, and providing a fixed price is not an option.

Because you will have a different price for each customer (depending on their needs), you must use a quote-to-order process.

The request for a quote form allows visitors to quickly connect with a representative from your company and get an idea of your pricing model based on their needs.

You might know that all businesses are not the same. The requirements vary, so you must provide a way for your customers and visitors to contact you via the request for a quote form.

5. Utilize Sales Reps to Drive New Sales and Manage the Customer Relations 

A sales representative is an individual who seeks out and cultivates relationships with business executives to sell a product or service. He also manages a good relationship with your customers. 

A sales representative is required by wholesale businesses to assist them in deciding on a product, placing an order, and other tasks. Sales representatives help move products and improve the overall operation of a wholesale business.

Therefore, the secret to a successful business is hiring sales reps, providing them with the best technology, and ensuring they can easily carry out the selling process.

And I’d recommend you to use the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agent plugin to manage the sales agent or representatives. 

6. Automate the Inventory Management

Running out of a product might result in lost sales and customer complaints. Automate your inventory management to prevent this by being aware of when a product is running low in supply.

With Woocommerce, you can establish thresholds for low stock and out-of-stock messages to be sent out. This method can quickly determine when a product in your inventory needs to be reordered.

You can also set the lead times to let your customers know when a product will be back in stock. This way, you’ll have the time to refill the store, and customers will be able to order it and get it according to the lead time displayed on the product page

I also have a solution to help you complete this in minutes. Follow the Lead Times tutorial to set it up. 

7. Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Shockingly, 75% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Reminders for abandoned carts can help you entice clients to return to your website, and thanks to automation, you don’t have to do anything.

Sending abandoned cart emails is simple when your e-commerce software is integrated with a mailing service. You might investigate other native connectors between your transactional email service providers and your e-commerce platform.

Wrapping Up

Setting up the above-mentioned wholesale business automation, you can up to 8-9 hours every week. That would be equivalent to adding a day to your workweek.

Implementing automation will free you up to handle more crucial tasks within your business.

If you have any questions, you can post them below in the comments section. I’d love to answer your questions and learn about your thoughts. 


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