B2BKing Alternatives (2022)

B2BKing is an excellent wholesale software giving you all the tools and features you need to run a successful hybrid b2b and b2c store. 

However, there are some alternatives to B2BKing that you can use to enhance the WooCommerce functions and build a WooCommerce wholesale store. 

So in today’s article, I’ll explain the best alternatives to B2BKing that you can use to create a hybrid b2b and b2c WooCommerce store. So without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

Best B2BKing Alternatives

Here’s a list of the best B2BKing alternatives. 

1. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

One of the greatest b2b and b2c plugins, the WooCommerce wholesale suite makes it simple to build a hybrid b2b and b2c WooCommerce wholesale store. It is an excellent alternative to B2BKing. It is a one-stop for all the requirements necessary to establish an effective b2b wholesale store.

You can more easily manage your inventory and orders with its assistance. You can operate the dashboard without technical expertise because it is more straightforward than the B2BKing dashboard. 

It is a comprehensive b2b wholesale solution with cutting-edge and potent features unmatched by any other platform.

It allows you to create a wholesale order form so your customers can easily order different products and quantities from a single page. It will help you to improve the user’s buying experience.

You can keep a record of orders, back orders, cancel orders, and everything. This will allow you to create a b2b and b2c wholesale store.

They offer many simple-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials to assist you in using the plugins and getting the required outcomes. The support staff is equally friendly and helpful. They always go above and above to help you.

It also allows you to create discounts, checkout fees, quantity-based discounts, minimum and maximum order quantity, and more. You can also import and export the order list. 

It is a complete suite of WooCommerce wholesale plugins to automate and scale the wholesale side of your business. And so much more! It is trusted by more than 80000 stores worldwide. 



The Basic package starts at $189 per year. 

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2. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite

WooCommerce wholesale pro suite gives you access to several powerful plugins to control your wholesale store. 

You have total control over how your wholesale pricing is displayed and how it is applied to the various products. You can also manage delivery options, payment gateways, dropshipping compatibility, and other things.

The standout feature of this plugin is the degree of control over setting the wholesale prices for your products. You can create and design multi-tiered, role-based pricing schemes.

You can display prices with or without taxes across your product pages, cart, and checkout pages.


  • It provides a multi-tier role-based pricing system that enables you to set different costs for various scenarios.
  • Wholesale-only coupons. 
  • Option to display pricing with or without taxes.
  • Allows wholesale customers to backorder your out-of-stock items.
  • Regulate who can access the prices and content on your website.
  • The plugin is compatible with UPS, FedEx, and USPS dropshipping extensions and is ready for drop shipping.


Its pricing starts at $149 per year for one site. 

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3. WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B is a feature-rich wholesale plugin for WooCommerce and a great alternative to B2BKing. It is an all-in-one plugin for resellers to make WooCommerce compliant with Business-to-Business needs and turn it into a successful private shop.

You can give particular rules to groups of your users and manage them more effectively. It also adds a barcode to products and shows on a single product page.

You can also create different login/register for each group. It also adds a VAT number field in billing and registration with EU VAT number validation by VIES.

You can also assign tax exemptions to groups to allow your customers to purchase with zero tax. Moreover, you also get an option to assign tax exemption by country.

It is compatible with all the plugins, themes, and 100% multilanguage support. It is currently provided in Italian and English, including a POT file to speed up translations.


  • It allows you to add a recommended retail price
  • Barcode management
  • Group percentage discounts
  • Request a quote system
  • Separate B2B registrations
  • SKU search
  • Quick orders
  • And much more.


The regular license starts at $69. 

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4. Wholesale for WooCommerce

Another alternative to B2BKing is Wholesale for WooCommerce. It enables you to control various wholesale prices, manage different wholesale user roles, and do much more.

Without having to create different websites for each audience, the plugin will enable you to enhance your WooCommerce store so that it can serve both your retail and wholesale consumers at the same time.

You can extend its functionality by installing a few extra extensions. 


  • Create a hybrid B2B+B2C store dealing with bulk pricing and wholesale products.
  • Make a private WooCommerce store that only sells wholesale.
  • Create subscription plans to receive recurring payments from your wholesale customers.
  • A simple back-end interface that enables you to control all of your wholesale store’s settings.
  • It is optimized, friendly to developers, and well-documented to meet standard user requirements.
  • Tiered pricing.
  • Sales reports.
  • No coding is necessary.


Their pricing starts at $99 per year.

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Wrapping Up

That’s it for today’s article. 

I hope this article helped you to choose a suitable alternative to B2BKing. I recommend you use the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin as it is much easier than B2BKing and other plugins mentioned above. But you are free to use any of them according to your requirements. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and which b2b wholesale software you use.

Ready to get started? Download the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin now!


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