How to Setup WooCommerce Payment Plans

If you sell a high-priced product, then WooCommerce payment plans are beneficial for you to attract customers to purchase the product who might not be able to afford it otherwise.. 

In today’s article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to set up the WooCommerce payment plans. You can create different plans depending on your choice and product prices

Before jumping into the tutorial, let’s see a few advantages of using WooCommerce payment plans. 

Benefits of Offering WooCommerce Payment Plans

Users love paying in installments as equal to discounts. They can pay a certain amount while purchasing the product and pay the remaining amount in payment plans. 

This will allow them to enjoy your high-priced products within their pocket. Besides this, there are several benefits of offering payment plans. Following are a few of them. 

  1. Increased conversion rates.
  2. Easy to pay for customers.
  3. Increase shopping experience. 
  4. Increase in revenue. 
  5. Attract new customers.
  6. Build customer trust. 
  7. Increase average order value (AOV).

It is a great tactic to increase sales as well. Buyers having a tight budget look for an affordable product. When they land a product with payment plans, they won’t think twice about getting it. 

Now that we are aware of a few benefits of offering payment plans. Let’s dive into the tutorial to set up the WooCommerce payment plans.  

How to Setup the WooCommerce Payment Plans?

To set up the WooCommerce payment plans, I’ll use the WooCommerce Deposits plugin by WooComemrce. 

Here are the best deposit and partial payments plugins if you want to use another plugin. You can use any from the list. Also, the process of creating payment plans will be quite similar, with a few amendments. 

Please follow the following steps to set up WooCommerce payment plans. 

1. Install and Activate the WooCommerce Deposits Plugin 

First, purchase the WooCommerce Deposits plugin from the official WooCommerce store. It will cost you $14.92 per month. 

Once you have downloaded the plugin, navigate to Plugins » Add New » Upload from your WordPress dashboard to upload the plugin. 

Select the zip file of the deposits plugin by clicking the Choose File button and click the Install Now button to install it. 

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll be redirected to the screen where you need to click the Activate button to activate the plugin. 

Once the plugin is activated, you’ll be redirected to the plugin’s page, where you can see all the installed plugins on your site. 

2. Navigate to Payment Plans

Once the plugin is installed and activated, a new Payment Plans tab will be created under the products tab. 

Now we need to create payment plans we want to offer customers. Please navigate to Products » Payment Plans from your WordPress dashboard. 

3. Create a WooCommerce Payment Plan

A payment plan is the installments users will pay after buying the product. Enter the plan name in the Plan Name field to add a payment plan. 

3.1. Add Immediate Payment Amount

In the Payment Amount field, enter the percentage amount users will pay immediately after buying the product or service. To put it simply, it will be the advance amount or the product registration amount. 

3.2. Create Installments

We need to create a plan that covers 100% of the product or services you sell. We have 70% left. So, click the + icon

Once you click it, a new installment will be created. You need to enter the amount and the days after which the user will pay the 1st installment. 

You can also select the time in weeks, months, and years. For this tutorial, I am sticking with the days. 

By following the same steps, I have added another installment so that 100% amount of the product or service is covered in the plan. 

3.3. Save the Payment Plan

Once you have added the installments, click the Save Payment Plans button to save the plan. 

I have created another plan following the same steps. 

4. Edit the Product

Once you have created the payment plans, we need to edit the product for which you want to allow customers to pay in installments. 

To edit the product, navigate to Products from the WordPress dashboard, hover over the mouse to the product you want to allow payments in installments, and click the Edit button. 

5. Enable Deposits and Payment Plans

Once on the product edit page, scroll down to the Product Data section and click the Deposits button. 

5.1. Enable the Deposits

You’ll get four options from the ‘Enable Deposits’ dropdown.

  • Inherit storewide settings (no)
  • Yes – Deposits are optional
  • Yes – Deposits are required
  • No

Note: If you want to enable the storewide deposits, navigate to WooCommerce » Settings » Products and allow the deposits from the Enable Deposits by Default dropdown. 

Don’t forget to save the settings. 

To enable the deposits, select the 2nd or third option. Remember, these are the product-level deposit settings. If you want to give an option to your customers to pay in full and deposit as well, please select the Yes – deposits are optional option from the dropdown. 

However, select the required option if you want to allow customers to only pay in deposit. 

5.2. Select the Deposit Type

From the Deposit Type dropdown, you’ll get different options. Please select Payment Plan

5.3. Select the Payment Plans

Select the payment plans you want to enable for the product from the Payment Plans field. You can also add all the payment plans. 

6. Update the Product

Once you have added the payment plans, scroll to the top of the product and click the Update button. 

7. Final Results

Now, let’s test the product. 

I visited the product page to test it, as shown in the screenshot below. Now customers can select whether they want to pay in installments or purchase it by paying the full amount at once. 

Now users can choose the payment plan and add the product to the cart. Also, when they visit the checkout, they’ll pay the immediate amount you specified at the backend. 

Note: I am using the custom checkout by AIO Checkout. It is similar to the Shopify checkout. The following tutorials will help you with AIO Checkout. 

Also, I have set the taxes. You can follow the following tutorials. 


That’s it for today’s tutorial. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and you were able to set up WooCommerce payment plans. Allowing customers to pay in installments will significantly affect your sales and revenue.

You can also enable partial payments for the complete store. This will allow the customers to pay in installments for all the products in your store.


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