Best WooCommerce Music Plugins

WooCommerce is an excellent platform for starting your eCommerce store to sell music. 

In today’s article, I’ll share a few of the best music plugins for WooCommerce. I reviewed dozens of WordPress plugins and selected the best ones to assist you.

Before diving into the list of best WooCommerce music plugins, let’s first see why WooCommerce is the best choice. 

Why Use WooCommerce to Create a Music Store?

WooCommerce powers more than 4.4 million eCommerce stores worldwide. Following are a few points to help you understand why you should use it. 

1. Flexibility

Due to its popularity, flexibility, complete ownership, and ease of use, most music companies and individual artists are using it to sell music.

2. No Extra fees

Unlike other music-selling platforms where you need to give a part of your revenue to the platform you are using, you end up having a pretty small piece of cake.

WooCommerce is free to use, and you won’t be charged extra fees or per sales-based commission. You’ll get 100% of your revenue to your bank account without any hustle.

3. Design Options

There are unlimited design customization options to enhance the design of your store and improve the customer’s buying experience. 

4. Payment Options

WooCommerce allows you to integrate almost all the available popular payment methods. You just need to install the payment method plugins, set them up, and you are good to take the payments. 

These are not the only reasons you should use WooCommerce to sell music; these reasons are explicitly explained because these are required for the music stores.

Tip: You can follow the guide to Sell Music on WooCommerce to create a WooCommerce music store.

Now let’s dive into the list of best WooCommerce music plugins. 

1. WooCommerce Product Table 

This plugin allows you to create a music store with enhanced functionalities and user experience. 

With the help of this plugin, users can listen to a short preview of the music before buying it. It helps increase the user’s buying experience because users won’t have to navigate to each product page to listen to the preview and see the details of the music. 

It helps you to create different playlists for different user roles. Moreover, it also allows your users to download the music in a few clicks. 

You can add waveforms so that when the music plays, its waveform will also be displayed to the users. You can create different playlists and use their shortcode to display them on other pages of your store. 

One of the best features of this plugin is that it allows you to create albums based on different custom conditions, like you create an album based on artist names, categories, etc. 


  • Easy to use
  • Provide a preview of the music
  • Customizable design
  • Allows you to create different playlists
  • Improved user experience
  • Allows the customers to download the music
  • Embed codes
  • Excellent support


Its professional package starts at $12 per month. 

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2. Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player is a good music player for your WordPress website. This plugin reduces the size of audio files and is compatible with all browsers and devices on Android, iPhone, and iPad. 

As a result, it is beneficial to have the site load quickly.

This plugin is based on HTML5 and Flash and allows you to insert MP3 files into your site’s content or pages. One of the plugin’s advantages is that it has a shortcode, and you can easily insert your audio files in any part you want by inserting the Compact WP Audio Player plugin’s shortcode.


  • HTML5 compatibility
  • The ability to play audio files embedded in iOS devices.
  • The design is fully responsive.
  • The ability to embed audio files in WordPress posts or pages.
  • Provides a sales preview of audio files.
  • Shortcodes can be used to add an audio player to any part of the page.


The plugin is free to use, and you can download it from the WordPress repository. 

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3. AudioIgniter

AudioIgniter is also an excellent music plugin that will help you to create music stores and playlists. You can create an unlimited number of music playlists. 

This plugin can insert the desired music or playlist into your site’s posts, pages, tabs, and custom posts.

Using the AudioIgniter audio player plugin, you can easily create a beautiful and professional playlist on your WooCommerce store. 

It has been tested on over 150 free and paid WordPress themes to ensure this plugin works correctly. It performed admirably on all WordPress themes, as expected.

One of the best features of this plugin is it automatically retrieves the metadata and populates the respective fields when you upload a .mp3 file. 


  • Upload in bulk
  • Playlists and songs are both unlimited.
  • Over 150 WordPress themes have been tested.
  • Supports Elementor, WP Bakery, and Visual Composer. 
  • Widgets and shortcodes are available.
  • Ongoing updates
  • Speed optimization
  • Individual track repeat mode


$49 per year for unlimited site usage. It also gives you a free version. 

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4. WavePlayer

WavePlayer is a responsive HTML5 audio plugin for WordPress that is fully customizable. Its interface is based on the waveform of the audio file being played.

With WavePlayer, you can host your tracks and overcome the limitations imposed by most free music cloud services on the market while enjoying a superb, modern player that you can customize to best match the look of your website.

It is tested with most of the WordPress themes and plugins. It is also compatible with Elementor. WooCommerce integration is also straightforward and smooth. It also provides you with a dark mode. 

The ability to use the product id and product URL in the player is one of the plugin’s outstanding features because it enables users to go directly to the product page and get the music they want.


  • Dark mode
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • Supports Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • It easily integrates with WooCommerce.
  • Completely responsive and customizable design. 
  • Create different playlists.
  • One-click palette generator. 


One-time payment of $26 for a regular license. 

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5. Sonaar

Sonaar is also an excellent plugin that you can use to create different playlists and albums. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce. 

It adds a music player to each product on the shop loop page. You can add audio controls to your product gallery or show the player below the thumbnails with a nice progress bar.

You can also use this plugin for podcasts. It displays all of your show and episode notes for each episode. Not only do episodes have a particular single page, but the show notes are displayed in a lightbox popup directly within the playlist from any page.

It also allows the users to see the lyrics in real time. This plugin can display the artist’s name, release date, and album name. It also allows the users to shuffle the songs in a playlist randomly. 


  • Sticky player. 
  • Soundwave & Waveforms.
  • Volume controller. 
  • It supports Elementor and Gutenberg blocks. 
  • Unlimited colors & fonts.
  • Allows you to use a shortcode. 
  • Allow users to download the audio. 
  • Displays artist name, release date, and more. 
  • Import & export your podcasts. 
  • And more.


WooCommerce support package starts at $69 per year for one website. 

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Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you choose the best WooCommerce music plugin that matches your needs. I recommend using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to sell music on WooCommerce. 

This plugin also works best with any other music plugin mentioned above. You can create different playlist designs using it. You can also follow the guide to Sell Music on WooCommerce to create a WooCommerce music store.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments. I would love to answer all your questions. 
Ready to start your WooCommerce music store? Download the WooCommerce Product Table plugin and build something great at your store!


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