5 Best Restaurant Plugins For WordPress In 2023 (Free & Paid)

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Marketplaces like Ubereats, and JustEats are great for giving your restaurant exposure to a new set of customer base. But it’s also important to own your own customer data, this is where creating your own restaurant ordering system comes in. So today I’ll show you some of the best restaurant plugins without having to pay exorbitant monthly fees.

So, read ahead to explore the best WordPress plugins for restaurant websites. 

Best Restaurant Plugins For WordPress

Here are the best WordPress restaurant plugins. 

Restaurant Price List

Letting your visitors know your restaurant’s menu is one of the most critical tasks. Along with that, the presentation of the menu also attracts more customers. Your custom menu will help visitors know the specialty of your restaurant. Similar to the offline menu, you can also add a menu to your online site. You can list as many dishes as you want with their prices. WP Restaurant Price List plugin is a fantastic plugin to add a personalized menu to your website. 

This plugin lets you create menus easily with its drag and drop functionality. Nevertheless, this plugin is not only suitable for restaurant sites. You can use this plugin on different websites like salons, spas, or any retail store. This plugin also features many customization options. It offers varied fonts and styles to customize your website appearance. You can even change the position of the currency symbol. WP Restaurant Price List plugin features two different variants – Basic and Pro. The Basic version is available for all for free. While the Pro version comes at a specific price with some advanced features. 

Features Of WP Restaurant Price List Plugin

  1. This plugin lets you create a menu with its drag and drop functionality. 
  2. WP Restaurant Price List plugin offers three pre-designed templates which you can use in your food menu. 
  3. You can also add delicious images of your food items to lure more customers. 
  4. WP Restaurant Price List plugin lets you assign categories and tags to your menu items to improve the presentation. 
  5. You can add a menu in any corner of your website with the help of shortcodes.
  6. This plugin also lets you choose whether to show food images in the menu. 
  7. One of its highlighting features is, it supports Google Fonts, which means countless styles and fonts.
  8. It also features lightbox popups, which lets you display the menu in the popup.
  9. You can also change currency type and symbol according to your country. 


The Pro version comes at $8.25 monthly. Besides, you will receive all future updates and support for one year.

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ReDi Restaurant Reservation

Image Credit: WordPress.org

Is the traditional table reservation process consuming a significant amount of time of your staff and customers? The reservation process usually takes more than 5 mins when we visit a restaurant. Yet, we can’t remove the reservation process, but we can shorten the process. You can add a table reservation feature to your business website to save your customers and staff time. The ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin helps you add a table reservation feature to your website in a few steps. If your site has little traffic, you can convert those visitors to customers with the ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin. 

This plugin helps you manage your table bookings, table reservations, and availability from its dashboard. The only thing you have to do is set up your restaurant’s opening and closing hours. One of its best features is that this plugin works automatically. So, you don’t need to review and confirm reservations manually. In addition, ReDi Restaurant Reservation is a freemium plugin. Both variants let you book unlimited reservations in a day. 

Features Of ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plugin

  1. This plugin works automatically and manages everything by itself. 
  2. ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin allows you to set how many customers can book simultaneously. 
  3. It has an option to create a personalized reservation form to collect essential information about the customers. 
  4. The free variant lets you accept unlimited reservations for your restaurant. 
  5. It comes with a fully responsive design that works perfectly on all electronic devices. 
  6. The ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin also permits you to add a text box to let visitors add special requests about the table. 
  7. As soon as the user reserves the table, this plugin instantly sends the confirmation email to the user
  8. This plugin offers an easy-to-use dashboard to manage all bookings, customize work hours, and more. 
  9. The ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin also sends an electronic mail to the restaurant manager notifying him about the reservation. 


ReDi Restaurant Reservation comes with both a free version as well as a paid version. The free version is available to download on WordPress.org. The premium version arrives at €48 for one year. In the premium version, you will get all the basic features and some additional advanced features. Creators also offer addons such as accepting payment in advance, Facebook integration, and much more.  

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Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor

Image Credit: WordPress.org

When it comes to website designing, the plugin that comes to our mind is Elementor. Elementor is one of the popular page builder plugins. It lets us design websites according to our needs with its drag and drop functionality. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor is also a popular Elementor add-on to create restaurant websites. This plugin is exclusively developed for restaurant and cafe websites. It offers everything which a restaurant owner would wish to add to his website.  

It helps you build beautiful restaurants and cafe webpages with the well-known page builder Elementor. This plugin features 20+ basic elements and 30+ custom blocks to create a stunning website. With the help of those elements and blocks, you can add food items, recipes, detailed menus, ingredients lists, and much more. 

Features Of Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor

  1. This plugin provides up to 50+ different elements and blocks to build a restaurant and cafe site. 
  2. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor plugin supports OpenTable integration for table reservation service.
  3. This plugin also supports WooCommerce custom product elements.  
  4. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor plugin comes with a user-friendly and responsive interface. 
  5. It offers different pre-made templates for recipe blogs and articles.
  6. The blocks and elements feature an add-on menu, open table, gift Card, food banner, and many more.
  7. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor has different fonts and styles to match your theme.


Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor has both free and paid variants. The free variant is freely accessible for all from WordPress.org. The premium version comes at $29 for one year. However, if you want it for multiple sites, you can buy it for a lifetime for $79.99. 

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Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

Image Credit: WordPress.org

Nowadays, people prefer ordering food online rather than going to a restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you should also implement an online ordering system on your website. This will help in increasing the food orders and revenue of your restaurant. And, in this process, Restaurant Menu by MotoPress will help you a lot. The primary objective of this plugin is to create a categorized database of the food offerings. In the menu, you can display information like title, description, images, price, nutrition information, and the list of ingredients. The Restaurant Menu plugin by MotoPress lets you receive food orders online from your website. 

While the premium version of this plugin also lets you implement the online ordering system. This plugin would be perfect for pizza, drinks, and fast food websites. After adding this plugin, visitors will be able to order food from your website. Besides, this plugin lets you display the food menu on different pages of the website. You can show it on the shop, product, and category pages. 

Features Of Restaurant Menu Plugin by MotoPress

  1. The Restaurant Menu plugin by MotoPress lets you create a professional menu for your restaurant website.
  2. This plugin also enables you to sell food online with its eCommerce integration.
  3. Restaurant Menu Plugin by MotoPress is integrated with PayPal and doesn’t charge a single penny as a fee
  4. It allows you to add unlimited product items with all the required information. 
  5. You can add the food menu anywhere on your website with shortcodes. 
  6. This plugin also shows the Add to Cart or Buy Now button in the menu to simplify the checkout process. 
  7. You can also modify the currency type and icon as per your country. 
  8. This plugin features two layouts – grid and list. You can choose according to your theme style. 


The restaurant Menu plugin by MotoPress is free and can easily be downloaded from WordPress.org. This plugin also has some addon plugins to add some extra features to your website.

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Five Star Restaurant Reviews

Image Credit: Fivestarplugins.com 

Feedback is one of the most crucial parts of a restaurant. Positive feedback can boost the order, whereas negative feedback can harm the restaurant’s reputation. While starting a restaurant website, you should also add a feedback plugin to receive customer reviews. These reviews will help other users know how your food tastes and is it worthy or not?

Five Star Restaurant Reviews is one of the best plugins to add this feature to your website. This plugin helps you display food reviews on your restaurant website using its SEO-friendly schema markup. This SEO-friendly schema markup also enables you to improve your website rankings on search engines. Whenever the user searches for ‘Your Restaurant Name + Reviews.’ Google will automatically fetch the reviews from your website and show them on Google. 

With the help of this plugin, you can create and add unlimited reviews and testimonials to your website. It also allows you to add multiple photos to the reviews. The images will help your reviews look genuine and authentic. Moreover, the Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugin comes with a clean and minimal interface to show feedback on the site. 

Features Of Five Star Restaurant Reviews Plugin

  1. The Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugin helps you display feedback and testimonials on your website. 
  2. You can add testimonials anywhere on your restaurant website with the help of shortcodes. 
  3. The Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugin allows you to add reviews on the page, post, or sidebar.
  4. The plugin comes with Five Star Restaurant Reservations and Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin integration to automatically show the review form to users. 
  5. It offers advanced styling options that let you customize the colour and size of the rating stars.
  6. You can also add a custom link to the reviewer organization to increase credibility.
  7. It also allows you to add multiple images to the testimonials and reviews. 
  8. The Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugin features three different clean, modern look layouts. 


The Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugin is available for free on WordPress.org. You can visit the official plugin page by clicking the link below. This plugin also has paid variants. Five Star Restaurant Reviews’ plugin price comes at $39 for one site. However, if you plan to use it on more than one website, you can try five site licenses at $119.

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Which Plugin Did You Like The Most?

Now it’s over to you, we hope these restaurant plugins for WordPress will help you grow your restaurant. 

Don’t forget to tell me which is your favorite plugin above all. 


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