How to Display a WooCommerce Buy Now Button

Do you want to display a Buy Now button on WooCommerce pages instead of the add-to-cart button?

If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place! 

In WooCommerce, the customer journey to complete the purchase spreads across multiple pages. Customers visit a separate page for each product, select options, and add the product to their cart.

They then proceed to a cart page to review their order. Finally, they reach the checkout page, where they enter their shipping and billing information.

As you might expect, such a lengthy process will inevitably result in losing some customers. This reduces your sales and revenue by lowering your conversion rate.

WooCommerce stores are designed by default to have a relatively slow purchase process. You can reduce the purchase time for each customer by using a WooCommerce buy now button. This will have a significant impact on your conversion rate and bottom line.

So in today’s article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to display the WooCommerce Buy Now button with the help of the AIO Checkout plugin. Here’s a quick sneak peek of the final results. 

Benefits of Skipping the Add to Cart in WooCommerce

There are several reasons and benefits that you should replace the add-to-cart button with the Buy Now button in WooCommerce and allow customers to directly checkout. Some of them are below.

1. Improve the User’s Purchase Experience

Customers manually add items to their shopping cart, navigate to the add-to-cart page, and then proceed to the checkout page to complete the purchase using WooCommerce.

Because the procedure consists of several steps, users, on the other hand, dislike having to go through a lengthy ordering procedure.

Instead of going through this lengthy process, you can use WooCommerce to display a Buy Now button to improve the user’s purchase experience, allowing them to click on it and directly purchase the product.

2. Reduce the Cart Abandonments

A lengthy checkout process is a real turnoff for customers and is one of the leading causes of abandoned carts. Online purchasing should be simple and quick.

You risk losing many potential customers if you do not provide a simple checkout process. The good news is that by replacing the add-to-cart button with the Buy Now button in WooComemrce, you can simplify your checkout process while reducing cart abandonment.

3. Boost the Sales

Customers who click the Buy Now button will be taken directly to the checkout page, bypassing the add-to-cart page. The customer will save time. It is easier and more practical to satisfy customers and increase revenue by increasing sales.

We now understand some advantages of displaying the WooCommerce Buy Now button. Let’s start with the tutorial to replace the add-to-cart button with a WooCommerce Buy Now button.

How to Skip the Add to Cart in WooCommerce?

Following are the steps to skip the add-to-cart in WooCommerce.

1. Install and Activate the AIO Checkout Plugin

First, you need to download the AIO Checkout plugin. 

Once you have downloaded it, navigate to the Plugins » Add New from your WordPress admin dashboard, and click the Upload button to upload the downloaded file to install and activate the plugin.

2. Navigate to the AIO Checkout

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, navigate to AIO Checkout from your WordPress dashboard.

3. Display Buy Now Button

Once you are in the plugin’s settings, hover your mouse over the Direct Checkout box and click it. 

Once you click it, a popup will appear from where you can enable the direct checkout to display the Buy Now button on the WooCommerce shop and product pages

To enable it, toggle the “Enable Direct Checkout” button. 

It will replace the add-to-cart button on the shop and the product pages with the “Buy Now” button. 

It will take the users to the checkout page, skipping the add-to-cart in WooCommerce, and the users will be able to purchase the products quickly. 

You can simultaneously display the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. Also, you customize the Buy Now button text if you want. 

4. Save Changes

Now click on the green “Save” button at the top right corner of your screen to save the settings. 

5. Final Results

Now let’s test it. 

To test it, I visited the shop page of my store, and as you can see from the screenshot below, the “Add to Cart” is replaced by the “Buy Now” button. 

After that, I also visited one of my store’s product pages, and the “Add to Cart” button was replaced by the “Buy Now” button. When I clicked it, it took me to the WooCommerce checkout page, where I could complete the purchase by paying with the help of available payment methods. 

Wrapping Up

That’s it for today’s tutorial. 

Now you know how to display Buy Now button in WooCommerce with the help of the AIO Checkout plugin. 

This plugin makes it simple to display the WooCommerce Buy Now button. It is a single solution to all checkout issues. It handles everything and ensures you and your customers have a pleasant experience.

I hope this article helped teach you how to display the Buy Now button on the WooCommerce shop and product pages. Please leave your questions in the comments section below or contact our customer service.

The customer service team responds quickly to your questions and assists you. They usually respond within 24 hours.
Download the AIO Checkout plugin to improve the checkout process and increase sales!


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